Sheriff Scott Israel Stumbles: Posts Phony Edited Version Of Endorsement

scott israel

Broward Sheriff Scott Israel will most likely win the Democratic primary in a landslide.

His opponents are a weak, disorganized bunch.

So why does he resort to an old trick – selectively editing a Sun-Sentinel endorsement to remove anything negative.

Variations of this tactic has been used by Broward political consultants for years.

I’m sensitive to this because I was a victim.

Some Tamarac commission candidates did the same kind of selective editing on a column I wrote in the 1970s.  The column item pointed out some mistakes that the candidates had made.

The candidates selectively edited the story to make it look like the column in the Sun-Sentinel endorsed their candidacy. In this pre-Internet era, the candidate’s supporters found another way to distribute the phony story.  They put it under windshield wipers in condos before the election.

The Grand Jury investigated this dirty trick.  Grand jurors denounced the tactic.

My piece in the Sun-Sentinel was negative towards the Tamarac commission candidates. So they must have thought they needed the help of a dirty trick to offset the influence of the newspaper in an era when the print media was more important.

By Buddy Nevins,, excerpt posted on, Aug. 16, 2016