Home Business Shane Duncan Band Introduces “Life’s Snooze Bar” Lager (Music Video)

Shane Duncan Band Introduces “Life’s Snooze Bar” Lager (Music Video)

Florida’s musical sensation, the Shane Duncan Band, recently announced the debut of their new beverage, Life’s Snooze Bar Lager.  How cool is it that a band has their own brew?

The Shane Duncan Band is a well-known and popular band that is a favorite in South Florida and beyond. The band has strong roots in South Florida and a large and solid fan base. Life’s Snooze Bar Lager is named after the band’s first hit single, Life’s Snooze Bar. It’s not about hitting the snooze bar for five minutes in the morning but hitting “life’s snooze bar” and setting your mind free from the stresses of the day.

The Beer that “Tastes Like Vacation”

The beer is a culmination of more than a year of research and testing. “Life’s Snooze Bar Lager is a state of mind and an attitude. We created it for people who want to enjoy life and love the feeling of being on vacation, even though life comes with daily responsibilities. People want to be on vacation. They like to relax, unwind and never want the vacation to end,” said Shane Duncan, an owner and lead singer in the ever-popular, high energy, Country/Rock band.

“We wanted the beer to reflect the local vibe and we found a terrific brewery that understands our passion for quality and flavor,” Duncan added.

“We are so excited that the beer that “Tastes Like Vacation” is now available, locally, in about a dozen locations with more to come,” said Dave Scully, an owner and guitarist in the band.

Refreshing   Light   Tropical

“All of us like to have a few beers and it just seemed natural to create one that we would enjoy, and our fans would enjoy, too. So why not bring Life’s Snooze Bar to the bars and places we play,” Scully added.

Life’s Snooze Bar Lager is sold in kegs and on tap at bars and restaurants. It will be available in cans this December.

How many bands do you know that have their own brew?

From songs to shirts to their own beer, the Life’s Snooze Bar brand is all about living the life that you want to live, surrounded by those you love.  It’s known as a lifestyle brand with a relaxed and beachy vibe. Fans love their line of t-shirts and accessories that tell the world, “I’m on vacation.”

Go ahead, take a sip of Life’s Snooze Bar Lager and let your vacation begin!

It all started in Las Vegas:

“Let’s write a song!”

The Shane Duncan Band

Dave laughed as he reached for his phone and tossed it to Shane. “I have
some lyrics and hooks here, see what you like.

“The Shane Duncan Band was in Las Vegas on a radio tour promoting new artists for the American Country Music Awards. A week’s worth of shows and talking with other musicians had gotten the creativity flowing.

They felt it was time to write their first song.

Shane stopped and looked up. “Life’s Snooze Bar?” Dave took a long drink and grinned. “It’s when you need a break from all of this,” he said, waving his hands.


“No, life. This. Just taking a break and focusing on what matters the
most – friends, family, good times.” He sat up. “Scroll down a bit, I think I have another line there.”

Shane looked down and laughed. “My bills are overdue, man, ain’t that  cool.’ This is the song we’re writing. Get some paper and your  guitar. Let’s go.

“Two hours later, the Life’s Snooze Bar song was written and recorded into Dave’s phone. And there it sat … for a year. The band never played it for anyone, never let anyone listen to it and never really thought about it.

About a year later, that changed. Unbeknownst to the rest of the band, Dave had been playing the song from his phone for a couple of close friends. The reactions were unanimous – the band had to start playing the song live. “So we did,” Shane said.

Dave laughs again.. “A lot.”

From a hotel room in Las Vegas, the Life’s  Snooze Bar idea was born. From songs to shirts to their own beer, the Life’s Snooze Bar brand is all about living the life that you want to live, surrounded by those you love.

“We all need that.”

The Shane Duncan Band is a High Energy Country- Rock Band from South Florida that delivers a non-stop show that leaves audiences wanting more. The band currently writes, records and performs all of their original music.

SDB has performed at Wounded Warrior events for Hall of Fame QB Jim McMahon during the NFL’s Super Bowl in Indianapolis as well as events for The Country Music Awards in Las Vegas for The Nash Vegas Show.

Recently the SDB performed at the Daytona 500 and The Winstar World Casino 400 in Texas with The Make Motorsports  Race Team and affiliated with Make Motorsports and features a fully wrapped vehicle at select races.

The SDB currently has more than 25,000 social media fans and their original songs
are being played on radio all over the world. The SDB has been  added to all Touch Tunes jukeboxes (more than 65,000) globally.

The Brandwww.lifessnoozebar.com

The Videohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6cWwcHrpptk

The Band www.shaneduncanband.com

Facebook: Facebook.com/LifessnoozeBar

Call:  Dave Scully, Life’s Snooze Bar (954) 801-3251

EMail: dave@lifessnoozebar.com