Serena Williams Set To Make A Pretty Penny Selling Mansion!

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Tennis sensation Serena Williams maintains a strong presence in Florida, with a nearly 6,000-square-foot home in Palm Beach Gardens and a 2.4-acre plot in Jupiter. One place she will not maintain a footprint any longer, though, is the posh L.A. neighborhood of Bel Air.

Williams, 36, purchased the multi-acre gated Stone Canyon mansion in 2006 for $6.612 million. She is nonetheless only a recent player in the history of the manor, which dates back to 1935 and has undergone several updates in the intervening years.

With an asking price of $11.995 million, Williams seems poised to make a killing on the sale, nearly doubling her investment if she finds a willing buyer.

The luxurious residence is baby blue in color and boasts 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms and a 3-car garage, with 6,101 square feet of space. Double-doors open to a white marble entrance hall, and the home only gets more dazzling from there. French doors throughout the house act as gateways to the gardens outside as well as rooms filled with countless stylish touches and top-of-the line appliances.

Jose Lambiet,, excerpt posted on, Oct. 26, 2017