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School Begins Soon – Being a Crossing Guard is Harder Than You Think (Video)


By Mark Young, SouthFloridaReporter.com Managing Editor, Aug 15, 2015 – For many in South Florida school begins this coming Monday. For others it’s in the coming weeks.

If you thought being a crossing guard was a piece of cake, think again. They go through a lot of training to learn how to protect the children going to/from school.

Most importantly, drivers need to be aware of children crossing the streets, the speed zones around the schools, and the crossing guards.  As usual, the first few days of school will be more chaotic around the schools as every one gets used to where to go.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff produced this video, but the information it contains is the same in Palm Beach as it is in Palm Springs.

Oh, and remember that person standing by the tree, may just be a uniformed officer waiting for you to break the law in the school zone.

Palm Beach Sheriff: Crossing Guards with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office practiced recently on Forest Hill Blvd. in preparation for the opening of county schools next week. Motorists are advised to drive slowly through school zones and obey the guards as they direct school children in crossing the street.