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Round The World Trip To The Places Of Gold Mining In 2022


Unlike black gold (oil) or blue gold (natural gas), which, after extraction from the subsoil, gold itself has been accumulating for several millennia in the form of archaeological artifacts, jewelry and household items, numismatic and commemorative coins, measured and banking bullion.

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Earlier discoveries of new deposits were often random. A curious layman, attracted by the unusual golden color of river sand grains or the suspicious weight of a stone, picked up an intriguing object, which turned out to be a nugget. In this article, you will learn about the main gold mining sites in the world today.

Pueblo Viejo, Dominican Republic

This location is known as the world’s largest gold deposit. This was the first mine that the Spaniards built on American soil. Barrick Gold owns 60% of the corporation, while Newmont Goldcorp, the world’s largest gold mining company, owns 40%. A high-pressure oxidation procedure is also employed to extract pure gold from local ore, which is carried out in special steam boilers at 230 ° C.

Lihir, Papua New Guinea

One of the most famous gold mines in the world is the Lihir mine in Papua New Guinea. The mine is located in the northeast of the country in the province of New Ireland. Precious ore reserves here are estimated at more than 1275 tons. Most of the gold mined here is difficult to melt, so high-pressure oxidation has to be used to process it.

South Deep, South Africa

Another of the largest gold mines is South Deep in South Africa, located 45 km from Johannesburg. This is the seventh deepest mine in the world: its bottom is 2998 meters underground. Gold mining in this place began in 1961. Despite the fact that gold production is declining year by year, it is expected that the mine will bring a “catch” until 2092.

Olympiada, Russia

Since the beginning of the 1980s, one of the largest gold mines in Russia has been developed in the Severo-Yeniseisky district of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. The gold mined here is processed at three plants, which annually produce about 13 million tons of pure gold. Despite this, the Olimpiada deposit is one of the most geologically complex in the world: for every ton of ore, about 40 tons of waste rock has to be removed from the open pit.

Goldstrike, USA

This Mine was founded in 1962 and is located in Eureka County, Nevada. In this region, gold is extracted using both open-pit and underground mining methods. The newly discovered gold is melted here into a doré alloy, which is subsequently delivered to certain manufacturers for impurity removal.

Cadia (Cadia Valley, or Cadia-Ridgeway), Australia

Cadia is a gold and copper mine complex with underground and surface operations located 20 kilometers south of Orange, Australia. According to some estimates, mining began in the 1990s, and the reserves are projected to last several more decades. The Cadia East mine is Australia’s largest underground mine.