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RiseAngle Promotes Morally Upstanding Storytelling Through World of Mazes Game Series

Immersion is very important when it comes to games and new companies such as RiseAngle are revolutionizing and innovating a new genre of game that will hopefully gain more traction as time passes. The shift from normalized stories to storylines that are meaningful and have purpose are important, and should be marked as the next innovative gaming genre.

RiseAngle attempts to bridge virtual reality with immersive and meaningful gameplay. World of Mazes is a game where player choices matter, allies and relationships with in-game characters matter, and every decision will have an outcome that lasts. Morals have always been a hot topic but not as much in video games. Having games that involve morals can be difficult to balance. It’s easier to create a simple game that easily outputs reward, giving the player a sense of achievement, with no real meaning. World of Mazes bridges the gap between morality and storytelling.

Kaveh Vahdat, the founder of RiseAngle, explains the philosophy behind virtuous games AKA morally upright games as bringing fun and morality together in gaming. He believes that while this is an important missing link for all game platforms, it is exceptionally important when it comes to virtual reality, because of the power and influence of immersion.

The Use of Virtual Reality

The release of virtual reality marked the next step in immersion in video games. Before traditional video games were played on a screen, but now with virtual reality, games can be played with a whole new perspective. As virtual reality continues to improve, the realism aspect of the system will only increase, allowing for multiple sources of sensations to be felt and experienced. The immersive aspect of current virtual reality is still immense, the feeling of being in the game instead of watching the game from a screen is something that you’ll only know once you’ve experienced it.

World of Mazes uses virtual reality extremely well, a game that deals with interesting topics such as morality and emotions adds to the storytelling aspect of the game. Binding everything together, the story of the game actually feels important. While other titles have a standard story, they don’t really make you feel anything, having a story that deals with morals and emotions in combination with virtual reality is what makes World of Mazes stand out. The goal of RiseAngle is to promote games that deal with morals as well as immersive gameplay.


The storytelling in the game’s currently available chapters is great. The World of Mazes series has two released chapters so far, Chapter 1: Saving Princess Maya, and Chapter 2: Secrets of the Ancients, only available on Oculus Go at the moment. See their game trailers here and here!

There are plenty of objectives, quests, and areas to explore in the current chapters of the game. The story, graphics, all combined with the use of virtual reality really immersifies the storytelling aspect.

Why is storytelling important you may ask? While the graphics of the game and the gameplay of the game are important factors, having a meaningful story is integral in any form of purposeful entertainment. Above all having a memorable story is a defining factor in the game. How well the game can relate the story and the gameplay is what separates great games from good games.