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Revisit nine of the best Jerry Lewis moments (Videos)

Jerry Lewis
Jerry Lewis (Image: ReutersTV Frame Grab)

The New York Daily News this morning pays tribute to Jerry Lewis, who died Sunday at 91. As you scroll through the story video snippets of Lewis’ life and his slapstick comedy are there for you to laugh and remember.

Jerry Lewis died Sunday at 91, but thanks to his signature slapstick comedy and unparalleled wit, he leaves behind a treasure trove of pitch-perfect film moments, hilarious one-liners and insightful commentary into the life of a comedic legend.

From the 1960 comedy “Cinderfella,” to a curmudgeonly 2011 dig at his old age, we revisit some of Jerry Lewis’s best moments.

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The 31st Academy Awards end too soon

Lewis was hosting the Oscars as part of an ensemble cast, with a slew of other actors, including Bob Hope and Laurence Olivier. But when the ceremony accidentally ended 20 minutes early, the weight fell on Lewis to fill the time. He did so in hilarious improvisational fashion, cracking jokes and leading a rousing, impromptu rendition of “There’s No Business Like Show Business.”

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