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Research Reveals Cannabis Smoking Responsible for Violent Behaviors in Young People


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Cannabis Smoking – Does it affect young people with mental disorders?

Marijuana does have a beneficial side and a harmful side as well. The good one is when it is that it can be used to produce substances that can help alleviate pain and other ailments. The harmful side is when it is smoked, altering the psychological functions of the smoker.

A study made in 2017 shows that more than 1000 people who regularly smoke cannabis demonstrated violent behaviors. Hence, the correlation between sustained use of marijuana and violence is stronger than the relationship with alcohol. Moreover, the strong association of violence and cannabis use is observed mostly in young patients.

The research was conducted by Dr. Stéphane Potvin and Dr. Alexandre Dumais, aiming to analyze the effects of smoking cannabis and how it increases the violent behaviors of young people.

The patients with mental disorders were seen for five times after discharge for a year. They have taken to account cannabis use and the beginning of the violent behavior of each patient.

In their research, they found out that sustained smoking of cannabis presents a higher risk (+144%) of having a violent behavior for mentally-disordered patients. With this, the researchers concluded that there is a strong correlation between cannabis smoking and patients acting violently.

Cannabis’ effects on the brain

So, how does cannabis affect the brain? A study shows that sustained smoking of marijuana causes damages on the prefrontal cortex. The prefrontal cortex is the part of the human brain responsible in inhibiting impulsive behaviors.

The result of the research is crucial, especially nowadays, that the industry of marijuana continues to grow. Additional information is available for young adults, enabling them to assess the risks of marijuana use before deciding on using it or not. Additionally, this information will help formulate strategies to reduce the risk of violent behavior associated with cannabis. 

Preventing these risks has significant consequences, especially for the health of young people and for society in general.

Smoking pot – Does it have other effects on young adults?

Aside from the evidence which proved that cannabis increases violent behavior, a study also showed that it could cause schizophrenia and psychosis on young adults. 

Pieces of evidence continue to accumulate, showing that regular smoking of cannabis increases the risk of teenagers to develop psychotic disorders. These disorders include unusual perceptions or thoughts like believing the TV or the radio transmits secret messages. Aside from that, there is also a higher risk to develop schizophrenia, a terrible mental disorder that not only causes concentration problems but a loss of emotional expression as well.

A recent study has followed over 2,000 teens until they turn to young adults, who regularly smoked marijuana. The study showed that those who smoke pot regularly have a high risk to develop a mental disorder over the next few years, compared to those who didn’t smoke cannabis.

Meanwhile, another study has concluded that regular smoking of pot hastens psychosis development by three years. The ones with the highest risk are the young people who already have a relative with schizophrenia or other mental disorders.

Youths that have a sibling or a parent that already suffers psychosis have a 10% chance of developing a mental disorder themselves – even without smoking pot. On the other hand, regular use of marijuana doubles the risk – having 20% possibility of developing psychosis. 

Meanwhile, young people in the families unaffected by mental disorders have a 0.7% chance to develop it. However, regular smoking of cannabis doubles the risk to 1.4%

Cannabis – It’s not that bad

Abusing marijuana and misusing it will inevitably result in harmful effects. However, when used correctly, cannabis delivers several advantages. A lot of marijuana-infused health products like CBD oil now circulates the market, which delivers a lot of health and life-changing benefits. You need to make sure you buy the right ones – and follow all the laws.