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Reddit Got Hacked Thanks To A Woefully Insecure Two-Factor Setup


 Reddit is the 5th most popular site. Hackers broke into the Reddit system by accessing an employee’s login. That access did not include a “text” code for verification to enter the data system.  Here’s more from “Wired”

REDDIT SAID IN blog post Wednesday that a hacker broke into the company’s systems in June and gained access to a variety of data, including user emails, source code, internal files, and “all Reddit data from 2007 and before.” And it likely could have been avoided if some Reddit employees were using two-factor authentication apps or physical keys instead of their phone numbers.

“On June 19, we learned that an attacker compromised a few of Reddit’s accounts with cloud and source code hosting providers by intercepting SMS 2FA verification codes,” a Reddit spokesperson said in a statement. (Advance Publications, which owns WIRED publisher Condé Nast, is Reddit’s majority shareholder.) “We are working with federal law enforcement, and have also taken measures to both address this current situation and prevent similar incidents in the future. A small number of users were affected and have been notified.”

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