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Recycling Used Computers Online In The US

Advancement in technology means more and more computing power in smaller packages like laptops and tablets.  People are on the move and are looking for their technology to go with them. Since so many companies and consumers are replacing their PCs with smaller devices, the need for computer recycling is growing fast.

GreenCitizen is working with companies to replace hundreds of desktops and LCDs at any given time. Since their start, they have helped divert over 20 million pounds of electronics from landfills and global dumping.

Computer Recycling & Data Destruction

Like recycling a laptop, the most important step in preparing for recycling a computer is data backup. Both Apple and Windows operating systems offer ways to help you backup your data safely. Once your data is backed up, you can then find a reputable recycler to help crush or data wipe your system for responsible reuse.

Even if your system is so old that the data is of no use to you, it still has confidential information such as your email address, phone number, social security info, or other sensitive information. The more secure way to destroy the hard drive for you or your company is to find a responsible recycler. While there might be a small cost to do this, the peace of mind you get from knowing your confidential data is destroyed is priceless.

If your desktop is too old to run current popular web applications, a responsible recycler will break it down. They will then send these parts to a certified de-manufacturer for raw materials. Making products out of recycled raw materials produces less CO2 and water. It also saves having to dig in the earth for more precious materials while reducing the use of petroleum to make plastic.

Beware of Irresponsible Recyclers

Is computer recycling safe? Yes, when done the right way. For example, using an irresponsible recycler to pick up your desktop for free increases the risk of them selling it to an exporter. This exporter might send your computer to a developing country under the false claim of reuse.

Due to a lack of government environmental regulations and oversight, impoverished communities in developing countries try to salvage as much value from a desktop by any means. This includes looking up hard drives and breaking up a computer into useful parts. They then burn the remaining remnant or PC boards for traces of metals. Open burning of electronics contaminates local water sources and is harmful to the communities who live there. This isn’t what Recycling used computers is about. It’s immoral and a crime against nature and its inhabitants.