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Quick Guide to Camping in Florida


There’s no doubt that Florida is a top choice for campers, with hundreds of families and groups heading to this state each year to pitch their tents and enjoy an adventure. However, while the climate in the Sunshine State provides the ideal environment for camping almost all year round, along with tons of outdoor activities to enjoy, there are a few things that are good to know before you head there with your tent.

Where to Camp

As a camper’s paradise, it’s no surprise that there are tons of options to choose from if you want to visit Florida with your tent. Some of the top places for campers here are the Florida Keys, Kissimmee Prairie Preserve or beside the Gulf of Mexico. There are camping options galore for those who are arriving with a tent to pitch, or if you want something more sophisticated, you can find RV parks, cabins, and glamping huts that are equipped with electricity and running water.

Driving in Florida

If you’re going to be arriving in the state by car, then it’s good to be aware of the rules of the road here before you cross the border. Since 2002, the ‘Move Over Act’ means that drivers are required to either slow down by at least twenty miles lower than the speed limit or move over to the next lane wherever safe to do so if you approach an emergency vehicle stopped on the highway or interstate.

It’s against the law for passengers to not wear a safety belt when in a vehicle. If you are pulling a trailer that is more than three thousand pounds in weight, then it will need to be equipped with brakes on all wheels to be legal in the state. An alternative to taking your camping gear in a trailer is to use a rooftop tent. These high-quality models are definitely worth looking at.

Preparing for the Weather

While Florida might be known for its sunny climate, it can also have some harsh weather throughout the year, and the weather can sometimes change at the drop of a hat, especially in the summer. Rainstorms in Florida are not uncommon, and they can travel thousands of miles accompanied by high winds that might ruin your camping adventure, so it’s always good to check the weather before you set off – don’t just expect sunshine! Hurricane season in Florida lasts all the way from June to November, but you’re more likely to get caught in one during late summer or early fall.

Bugs and Bites

Finally, it’s important to be prepared for bugs and bites when planning your camping trip to Florida, particularly when it comes to avoiding mosquito bites. Mosquitos can carry a range of diseases, so it’s important to use mosquito repellent and wear clothing that covers most of your body to avoid getting bitten. Mosquitos are at their most active during the early morning and in the evening, so it’s wise to stay indoors during these times. Eliminate any sources of standing water that might attract mosquitos.

Along with mosquitos, you might come across other bugs like ants, wasps, and sand fleas. It’s difficult to avoid getting bitten by anything completely, so it’s worth taking some antihistamines and hydrocortisone cream in your first-aid kit.

With many options to choose from, a great climate and lots of activities, it’s no surprise that Florida is a camper’s heaven. Now it’s time to enjoy your trip!