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Premier Glow’s Guide to Party Success


Planning a kid’s birthday party can be incredibly stressful and overwhelming. Every parent wants the best for their children. This not only means making it as fun and as memorable as possible but it also means ensuring that it goes off perfectly without a hitch. If your kid’s birthday party is coming up and you are wondering how best to go about it, you’ve found the right page.

The following are tips from Premier Glow on how to host a successful birthday party.

Create a budget and stick to it

Making a budget and actually sticking to it is often difficult for parents. As a loving one, you want to do everything possible to make your children happy.  As a result, many parents find themselves spending far more than they initially intended or more than necessary for a simple get-together. Regardless of your preferred birthday theme, there are plenty of adorable novelty items available out there to choose from.

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Create a guest list

While inviting everyone your child knows to the party might seem like a good idea, it rarely is. You have to consider the fact that they might not be comfortable with or even like everyone that you are thinking about inviting. So, rather than inviting everyone from their class, talk to them and find out who they’d wish to have at their party.

You’ll be surprised to find that those on their guest list are much easier to accommodate and friendly to your budget. When you talk this out with your child, it will significantly contribute to achieving the party that they want.

Go for a venue outside your home

Transforming your home into a birthday party venue comes with a lot of unnecessary stress and hassle. You have to clean up the place in preparation for the party and organize furniture accordingly to accommodate your guests and decorate the space. Considering that you will only be hosting the party for just a few hours, this is an unproportionate amount of work. By going for a party venue, you outrightly eliminate all the manual labor.

Establish a start and end time

The last thing you want is to start asking guests to leave as the party comes to a close. You need to make the end time of your party clear to all guests. Thus, make sure that in your invitation, you indicate the time that the party is supposed to start and to end.

Keep the menu simple

You don’t need to go all out at your kid’s birthday party. Keeping it simple with foods and snacks at children like will do the trick. While you should be cautious about allergies, you also don’t need to bother yourself with the ultra-perfect birthday party menu. It always helps to have someone else handle the cooking. This just emphasizes the benefits of holding the party somewhere else besides your house. Keep in mind that most of the venues will be doing the cooking for you.

With all that being said, what’s our best tip for throwing a successful birthday party? Consider hosting it at Pin Chasers. This will help ensure that your guests have a fun experience and also save you the stress of arranging for entertainment, decorations, and cleanup.