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Prefab & Modular Homes Are Gaining in Popularity

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The Sunshine State presents an array of construction challenges, due in part to winds that reach 150 miles per hour, as well as unrelenting heat and humidity. Residents of South Florida are becoming increasingly interested in purchasing prefab and modular homes which offer sturdy, high-quality construction.

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The best prefab and modular homes, such as cabin-style dwellings, stand up to South Florida weather conditions and provide other impressive advantages, including affordability, quick construction and energy efficiency.

When a South Florida resident looks for a mortgage for a prefabricated home, he or she will find that mortgage options are just the same as those for non-modular homes, so home financing will be a familiar experience.

These homes are budget-conscious choices

Seniors who don’t want to bust their fixed-income budgets are just one segment of the South Florida population discovering the affordability of prefab and modular homes. In Cape Coral, 22.5 percent of the population is comprised of senior citizens. Riverwoodcabins.com asserts that practical and affordable homes of this type are available, with traditional design elements that make them attractive and livable. Real estate development expert, Mark Stapp, believes that manufactured homes are part of the solution to the current affordable housing problem.

Quick construction is a big bonus

Homes of the modular type are quicker to construct than homes which are site-built. Prefab homes are built in factories, and purchasers may generally choose from a variety of floor plans. Modular/prefab homes may also have other custom elements, such as accessibility features for those who have vision or mobility problems.

Modern prefab homes are energy-efficient

These homes, whether they are mobile homes, prefab cabins or “tiny homes”, may be designed with renewable energy and energy efficiency in mind. Older prefab homes may be retrofitted or remodeled to boost overall energy efficiency. If you’re in the market for a new modular home in South Florida, look for a manufacturer with years of experience with green building processes. Some manufacturers go the extra mile by offering innovative“green” design elements, including water catchment systems, sustainable tech and green roofs.

Is a prefab home right for you?

If you want a high-quality home that will stand up to the South Florida elements, and you don’t find to spend a fortune or sacrifice energy efficiency, a new prefab/modular home may be right up your alley. The cabin-style designs offer traditional amenities, such as roomy porches, while other modular home styles are sleek and modern. There is something for everyone.