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Police: Vice Mayor Joked About Running Over Cops

Arlene Schwartz

Margate Vice Mayor Arlene Schwartz quipped late last month publicly about about running over police officers with a vehicle, says the city’s Fraternal Other of Police president.

FOP Lodge #75 President George Woolley called Schwartz comments “outrageous and unacceptable.”

A longtime Margate politician, Schwartz is due to be named the city’s mayor by her fellow commissioners on Wednesday.

In an open letter obtained by Browardbeat.com, Wooley put his thoughts in writing:

He wrote that the incident occurred at the City of Margate Fall Festival as Schwartz was “walking in the VIP Parking area towards her vehicle (she) made an unsolicited comment, which was directed at the officers standing nearby.  The comment was “Be careful we have a bet going on how many cops we can mow down.”

Schwartz has been around politics long enough to know when to keep her mouth shut. The retired Community Schools Director from the Broward Schools, Schwartz has been on-and-off the City Commission since 1991. She was mayor before in 1999-2001.