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Pete Rose’s New Sports Podcast

Photo by Magda Ehlers from Pexels

The wide, wide world of sports podcasts has a new addition in the form of baseball legend Pete Rose who has, this month, launched Pete Rose’s Daily Picks – a daily podcast that provides an expert look at not just baseball but a whole range of sports with top tips for the listening sports bettors.

Many onlookers will have been surprised, others not so surprised, to hear that the former Cincinatti Reds hero and Hall of Famer has taken this subject on in light of his lifetime Major League Baseball (MLB) ban for gambling on games, both as a player and as a manager at the Riverfront Stadium/Cinergy Field.

Photo by Tim Gouw from Pexels

The now 80-year old was hit with a lifetime ban in 1989 after accusations of betting on matches his team were playing – which he admitted to being the case in his 2004 autobiography – a move that has cast a small shadow on an otherwise distinguished career in the game.

In fact, in launching the new sports betting podcast Rose has taken ownership of the fallout and, to his credit, he has been candid about the nature and content of his new venture telling USA Today: “I know how it looks” as he aims to share his top selections in baseball, football, basketball, horse racing, golf and a ton of other sports with fellow sports betting podcaster Ben Wilson.

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He said: “People will criticize but it’s not gambling, it’s handicapping, that goes on everywhere. All I’m doing is lending my expertise to people who want to bet. I watch two or three baseball games a day but I watch all sports – I love sports and I know I can help people who want to wager on sports.”

Rose is determined for his part, with Wilson, to simply pass on their experience and knowledge to worldwide listeners and they will surely be hoping that their listeners can utilize the expert tips on online betting sites with success and, in doing so, increase subscribers to their podcast. He certainly has a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to baseball.

Also featuring for the Philadelphia Phillies and the Montreal Expos, it was his time with The Big Red Machine he enjoyed the most as he helped them to four National League titles and two World Series wins through the 1970’s on his way to a plethora of personal triumphs and awards.

He claimed three batting titles, two Gold Gloves as well as the Rookie of the Year Award and an MVP Award to boot. Totaling 17 All-Star appearances in five different positions, Rose is down in the history books as one of baseball’s all-time greats despite the controversy that arose later down the line.

The fallout from the betting accusations, the Dowd Report investigation and the subsequent lifetime ban haven’t stopped Rose from making a solid media career post-retirement, providing studio analysis on MLB for FoxSports and even guest appearing numerous times for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and their flagship Wrestlemania event.

Rose remains a permanent fixture on the MLB ineligible list despite continually applying for reinstatement over the years, and has never had the opportunity to appear on the organization’s Hall of Fame despite his incredible achievements on the field.

Some might say this calls into question the sport’s legitimacy in shutting Rose out when you consider the fact that the league has partnered for lucrative tie-ins with DraftKings, BetMGM and FanDuel in recent years. The controversy of the clampdown on sports gambling by those actively participating in sports whilst also playing under the banner of organizations with such sponsorship deals with gambling companies is a worldwide issue across many sports.

Rose won’t let that part of his past affect him as he turns his attention to broadcasting six days a week on the podcast hosted by up-and-coming newcomers to the podcasting game Quake Media – and the excitement is palpable as CEO Doug Rosenberg confirmed in an official statement.

Rosenberg said: “We are excited to partner with a living legend in the incomparable Pete Rose, and for the opportunity to launch Quake’s first sports podcast, Pete Rose’s Daily Picks.

“Rose is undeniably one of the most iconic athletes and polarizing personalities in sports, and it’s exciting to have him back behind a microphone for Quake. We are nearing our one-year anniversary, and we are thrilled to expand into the sports space, where there is a voracious appetite for sports betting content.”

If, as predicted, the expert sports insight of Pete Rose can tempt an increased audience to the Quake brand as a whole, Daily Picks will prove to be a sure-fire big hitter and knock its rivals right out of the park.