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Oreo Candy Canes Are Here to Restore Faith in the Holiday Treat (Video)

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Christmas time means time for limited edition treats! And Oreo candy canes are already making a comeback this holiday season. Buzz60’s Maria Mercedes Galuppo has more.

Finally, a candy cane to get excited about! Sure, holiday treats that taste like a rotisserie chicken or a bowl of mac and cheese might make a funny gag gift, but are they really something worth snacking on as the festive season approaches? Probably not.

That’s where Oreo candy canes come in. The delicious desserts are made by Spangler Candy, and instead of tasting like a savory meal, they are designed to be reminiscent of America’s Favorite Cookie – a.k.a the Oreo. Per the product description these bad boys, which have an Oreo cookies and creme flavor, are ideal for “eating, tree decorations, stocking stuffers, gift baskets, holiday recipes and more!”

What’s more? These candy canes also come with their own Oreo-esque color scheme – a black and white creamy swirl meant to look just like one of the popular cookies. Even though the holiday season is still weeks away, Delish reports Oreo candy canes have already been spotted on supermarket shelves.