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Oops, Florida Earthquake Saturday Was Really Navy Test

The Littoral combat ship USS Jackson, a new US Navy vessel, cpmpleted the first of 3 full-ship shock trials on June 10. A similar test on Saturday led to reports of an earthquake off the coast of Daytona. (US Navy Photo by Mass Communications Specialist, 2nd class Michael Bevan)

Remember all that social media buzz over the weekend about an earthquake off the coast of Daytona Beach? Never mind.

It appears the “earthquake” detected on Saturday by seismographs as far away as Venezuela and across the United States and Caribbean was triggered by a man-made explosion designed to test the seaworthiness of a new U.S. Navy vessel.

Map shows location of two “earthquakes” by the US Geological Survey. (Map courtesy of U.S. Geological Survey)

A similar 3.7 magnitude “earthquake” was reported by the U.S. Geological Survey on June 10, 156 nautical miles east-northeast of Ormond-by-the-Sea. That was the same day the Navy reported conducting a shock trial on the USS Jackson, headquartered at Mayport for testing. Shock trials test a ship’s ability to withstand the effects of underwater explosions and remain seaworthy.

On Saturday, the Geological Survey again reported a 3.7 magnitude “earthquake” around 4 p.m. about 168 nautical miles east-northeast of Daytona Beach Shores.

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