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Online Platform Offers Flexible Part-Time Jobs


When it comes to helping make ends meet, part-time jobs can’t be beat. Part-time jobs are great for a number of reasons including but not limited to the flexible schedules they allow and the fact that they require less commitment than a full-time job. Upshift in Dallas is a company that focuses on helping part-timers in find work that best suits them. At the moment, Upshift offers both a web-based service and an app for clients. Upshift serves all of Dallas, Texas, and also has locations in Austin, Houston, San Antonio, and other states such as Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, and more. The company is always looking to expand, though, and can be contacted should a partnership in a certain location be desired.

Benefits of Part-Time Jobs

Working part-time comes with plenty of benefits. For starters, part-time jobs often don’t require the same rigorous work schedules as full-time work, therefore offering more flexibility when it comes to figuring out a schedule as well as demanding less commitment. Part-time workers can choose shifts that fit their schedule best, which means they can leave room in their day for other matters such as housekeeping, spending time with loved ones, or even just relaxing.

Also, because part-time jobs generally do not take up a full day, time can be spent working at other part-time jobs if desired. Having multiple part-time jobs means having multiple sources of income, and it always pays to have a backup source of money in case anything unfortunate should happen to the first one. It is also possible to have a part-time job in addition to a full-time job due to their flexible nature, which could be used to earn even more money.

Finding part-time work isn’t necessarily easy, but more often than not, it’s easier to find part-time work than full-time work. Therefore, for those just entering the workforce seeking work experience or for those who are in desperate need of employment, part-time jobs are an attractive option worth considering.

Benefits of Upshift

Upshift is a platform designed to make finding part-time jobs easier. Currently, it can be difficult for part-time workers to filter out jobs and find one with a schedule that meets their needs from a simple online search. However, with Upshift, only jobs with shifts that meet a worker’s needs are presented. This reduces the amount of time a worker must browse to find work, allowing them to apply and begin working sooner. Upshift also lets its workers choose the type of work they would like to do. This ensures that workers are doing work they feel capable of and allows workers to gain experience in a field that they are interested in.

Upshift offers work in numerous industries including hotels, food service, administrative, warehouse/manufacturing, catering/events, convention centers, and more. Examples of jobs offered include bartenders, dishwashers, housekeepers, equipment operators, customer service, janitorial work, data entry, and clerical work. Noteworthy businesses that Upshift is partnered with include Dallas Zoo and Marriot. The wide range of work offered gives workers an excellent chance to expand their skill set and build connections in their area of choice.

Another noteworthy aspect of Upshift is that part-time workers are able to keep all of the money they have earned. There are no sign-up fees that must be paid, nor is a percentage of money taken from a worker’s paycheck. Even an amount as small as 5% being taken out from every single paycheck adds up to a lot, so not having to worry about losing that money is a huge plus. The businesses that work with Upshift are actually the ones paying. They are charged an amount after each finished shift that goes toward employer taxes, compensation insurance, and unemployment insurance for Upshift workers, aka Upshifters.

How Upshift Works

Applying to become an Upshifter is a simple process that has the potential to open a huge number of doors. After becoming a member of Upshift, there are a large number of job opportunities that are easy to access. Upshifters don’t have to wait long before their paycheck, which is available in as soon as a week.

  • Applying

The first step is to apply online on Upshift’s website completing a personality test. This assessment looks at factors such as work ethic, reliability, responsibility, cooperativeness, and morality that can be used to predict an employee’s quality. Those who pass the personality test are then invited for an in-person onboarding session that takes place at an Upshift office.

  • Working

After becoming an Upshifter, workers can begin to look for shifts to pick up. All workers must do is clock-in when their shift begins and clock-out when their shift is over. Upshifters will be asked to rate their workplace as well as the job and will be rated by the company that hired them. Reviews and ratings impact workers, companies can choose whether or not they want to hire a prospective employee based on them. In special cases, companies can reach out to an Upshifter outside the platform with an offer to work full-time or part-time. If the Upshifter is hired, Upshift will give them a $100 bonus.

  • Payment

Upshift workers are initially paid the Friday after the prior week of work, but after working with Upshift for at least two weeks, Upshifters can apply to be paid daily. This means Upshift workers are able to access their earnings much sooner than traditional employees whose pay frequency, depending on their employer, can range anywhere from a week to a month.

Upshift for Businesses

Upshift is also an extremely beneficial service for businesses in need of high-quality employees. Employers only have to post shifts, and from there they can browse ratings and interact with the applicants, which makes choosing who is right for the job easier and faster. This can help reduce the risk of attrition as well as cut costs that come with expenses such as agency fees. Thanks to the convenience of the Upshift mobile app, re-hiring Upshifters and managing invoices and schedules is easy.


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