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Online Gaming Numbers Soar As Lockdowns Continue

As we’re met with many stories of those who are struggling due to the spread of the coronavirus and those at risk of having to close their doors for good, we’re reminded of how quickly changes can affect the many services we use day today.

But at the same time, we’re also greeted with stories of those who have found a strong foothold, and performing extremely well despite the current situation – online gaming companies have been able to capitalize on the increasing numbers of us who now remain at home throughout the day.

Online gaming has seen a huge rise in recent years as we see the growth of the casual, and hyper-casual gamer – these players make up the majority of the mobile gaming sphere and are in part the reason the mobile gaming industry has grown so quickly over the last few years.

Quick access games that can be played with a single click here and there have grown extremely quickly – games in which we match rows of shapes and colors, slicing falling fruit and most recently, the rapid rise of online gambling and casino apps – including slots and roulette, move from brick and mortar locations to the palm of the hand.

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It is the sheer quantity and quality of these games that have assisted growth, alongside the transition from sports betting during lockdown – VSO list 1,456 on NetEnt alone, for example.

Figures suggest that we may have seen up to a 67% increase in traffic for online games as many look to find ways to distract themselves from the cycle of bad news but also to give something exciting and different from the same sites of their new home life.

It’s likely that once the lockdown restrictions begin to ease, the surge of numbers may begin to drop a little as people return to their every day of working and responsibility, but many also suggest that an overall increase in total numbers will be found as those who may not have been given an opportunity or had the time to do so previously may have found a new passion with their mobile gaming.