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On Average, People Have 5.54 Social Media Accounts (Video)

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Social Media Day was launched by the popular website Mashable back in 2010, and often sees fans of the site going to real life meetups.

For the past 8 years, Erik Qualman has produced his Social Media Revolution Series. This year’s version is Socialnomics 2018 and is Produced by Equalman Studios. Watch this video to understand how social media effects our lives.  Continue reading after the video

Social media seems to be everywhere these days. Though the days of social media pioneer Myspace are now long gone, we’re constantly hearing about trending topics on Twitter, laughing at social media fails and many people are obsessive about keeping up with their Facebook news feed. Even if Facebook and Twitter aren’t for you, there’s still blogging, Vine, Snapchat and even LinkedIn, among many others. Even businesses have recognized the value of social media for connecting with customers and selling their product, as well as quickly updating users about problems affecting their service.

Social media has become a major factor in the world. For many of us, it is how we keep up with what our friends are up to, even if they’re on the other side of the planet. It has also played a big part in world events. Twitter was used to organise protests and report on events during the Arab Spring, for example. On a more shallow note, Twitter is a great way to keep up with what your favourite celebrities are up to – as long as they don’t just use it to Instagram pictures of their lunch!

If we’re honest, most of us use social media for less than upright purposes ourselves. We use it to show off our holidays and what adventures we have planned for the weekend. Almost everyone presents an idealised version of themselves on social media, whether by detagging unflattering photos or implying their life is more exciting and glamorous than it really is. Never compare yourself negatively to your friends on social media as you’re only seeing what they want you to see!

Whatever you do, wherever you are, don’t forget to celebrate #socialmediaday!

  • For context, as of April 2018, total worldwide population is 7.6 billion
  • The internet has 4.2 billion users
  • There are 3.03 billion active social media users
  • On average, people have 5.54 social media accounts
  • 91% of retail brands use 2 or more social media channels
  • Facebook accounts for approximately 21% of ALL social media referral traffic in the world. (source)
  • If that weren’t enough, Facebook drives 23% of all traffic ACROSS THE ENTIRE INTERNET. <<CLICK TO TWEET THIS FACT!>> (source)
  • In any given month, approximately 1.28 BILLION people are active on Facebook – roughly equivalent to the entire population of India, the world’s second most-populous country. (source)
  • 30% of Americans get all of their news exclusively from Facebook – sorry, the “paper of record.” (source)
  • Almost one-quarter – 23% – of Facebook users check the site FIVE TIMES or more per day. (source)


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