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Omar Yunes on Adapting a CEO Mindset

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What It Means to Be a CEO 

Every CEO has their own approach when it comes to how they manage their business. Some like to be involved in everyday decisions, while others are content to hire the best in their field and let employees shine on their own. Omar Yunes, CEO of online fitness program 54D, opens up on his philosophy and how he works to level up whenever and wherever he can. 

Being a Disruptor 

Disruption has ultimately been the driving force for 54D. The fitness industry might have been saturated, but the business model was largely the same. It was far less about getting people healthy and far more about getting them to sign up for a membership. Even with all the statistics about how the majority of people ignore their monthly memberships, gyms continued to sell the idea that pulling out a credit card was the key to health. 

At 54D, everything is about results. The program is closer to a school than a gym. You don’t take the same classes, you ‘graduate’ to higher forms of learning. This isn’t about pushing the same exercises, but about challenging the body in a way where it will transform before your eyes. As a CEO, Omar Yunes had to step outside of the box so he could help people focus on real goals. Even a few weeks in the program can be enough to kickstart better health in clients. 

Client Experience 

Yunes is fundamentally focused on the larger aspects of business, which is something that he encourages all fledgling leaders to do. Getting too locked into the details may seem like a good way for a CEO to quality control the work, but it’s also an easy way to lose sight of how to effectively launch an enterprise from one level to the next. (Also, if you don’t trust the people that you’ve hired, that’s usually a sign of a larger problem within an organization.)

Whether he’s scaling the business for growth or considering the budget, his primary motivator is to keep the experience for every customer at least on par with what they expected. For instance, when he launched 54D ON (which he largely relied on during the darkest days of the pandemic), he was well aware that trying to coach people from afar is nothing like being in the same room with them.

However, he didn’t let this ‘disconnection’ stop him from providing diversity in the program. From yoga to meditation, he did everything to give clients what they needed when they couldn’t find it anywhere else. He also made sure there was some degree of personal guidance, so people didn’t have to feel like they were in a vacuum (more than they already did). 

There’s a lot to be said for being a leader in fitness, and Omar Yunes is the first to admit he has a lot to learn. However, he also realizes that as long as he’s focused on helping clients reach for more in their life, he’s going to have a very fruitful career.