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Notable Horse Racing Events To Look Forward To This Year

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Horse racing events are celebrated all year around the world. The diversity of horse racing events has brought a lot of betting opportunity to all sports fans. In fact, most bettors would like to dive into all betting games that each horse racing tournament is bringing.

We are actually in the second half of 2019 and there are still a lot of horse racing events to look forward to. You can check online through TVG Horse Racing news for updates about upcoming races.

Although we have recently concluded U.S. Triple Crown there are still more to come. In line with horse racing events, you still have the chance to witness grand horse racing showdown and of course, take part in the profitable betting game.

Here are some horse racing tournaments you can look forward to.

October 12, The Everest

The Everest is considered to be Australia’s richest horse racing tournament at the same time the world’s richest turf racing event. The Everest is an annual horse racing event held every 12th of October where turf thoroughbreds are competing over a distance of 1,200 meters. The Everest is also commemorated because it’s a part of the annual celebration of Sydney’s Spring Carnival. This tournament is held in the racecourse of Randwick where only thoroughbred flats are considered to take part.

The reason why The Everest is considered as the richest turf competition in the world because the purse can reach a minimum of $13 million.

October 19, British Champions Day

The British Champions Day was inaugurated in 2011 where it features thoroughbred horses racing in the field of the Ascot Racecourse.

The British Champions Day is considered as the richest day in Britain as the prize can over £4 million prizes at stake. The main reason why British Champions Day is created is to honor Great Britain’s historic horse racing events especially the Queen Elizabeth Stakes.

Also, it’s a culminating event for the British Championship Series where it has to feature the winners of the five racing events in Great Britain the makes up the British Triple Crown edition.

November 5, Melbourne Cup

This is one of Australia’s most popular horse racing tournaments. It is an annual celebration of thoroughbred racers who compete to run a distance of 2.0 miles. This event is often attended by three-year-old thoroughbreds which will all compete in a flat racing category. This race usually takes place in Flemington Racecourse, Melbourne, Australia.

As with The Everest, the Melbourne Cup is part of Sydney’s Spring Carnival celebration where it is also considered as the richest racing of two-mile handicap including one of the richest turf races in the world. It is one of the oldest horse racing events in Australia which started in 1861. In fact, last year’s purse prize for Melbourne Cup reaches around A$8million.

November 24, Japan Cup

If the United States has Triple Crown, then Japan has the most prestigious horse racing tournament called the Japan Cup. This event is held annually during the last Sunday of November. This event takes place in Tokyo Racecourse in Tokyo, Japan where colt and filly entries will compete over a running distance of 2400 meters.

The Japan Cup is considered as an invitational race and one of the richest horse racing tournaments in the world with a prize at stake around $5.8 million. The Japan Cup was established in Tokyo to give the local horse racers the opportunity to showcase their talents and to compete with other horse racing superstars all over the world.

December 8, Hong Kong International Races

The Hong Kong International Races is a horse racing tournament which consists of four-horse racing events in Hong Kong. This is only not a horse racing event, but the most reputable horse racing show ever held in Hong Kong. This is presented by the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

Moreover, the races that consist of the Hong Kong International Races are the Hong Kong Mile, Hong Kong Cup, Hong Kong Sprint and Hong Kong Vase.