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New Lingerie Designs Give Shoppers Many New Choices

Many of us love shopping for new lingerie, up until we face the challenge of deciphering size charts that vary according to countries. While bra size charts in the US are somewhat similar to that in the UK, they are nowhere similar in Australia or France.

Why is shopping for larger cup bras confusing for every woman?

It is safe to say that women, especially, curvy women like us, have a love-hate relationship with bras. The prettier they are, the more we tend to envy those with smaller band sizes and cup sizes. A survey showed that when it comes to jeans or skirts, women are surer about their size than they are about bra size.

Often losing or gaining even two pounds can have a significant impact on the bust size. If you have lost weight recently, you may have noticed that your breasts look smaller than they did before.

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What causes drastic changes in bra sizes?

Such drastic changes in weight due to changes in diet, exercise, lifestyle, health conditions, or stress demands that you check the bra size chart US at least once every six months. Once you know which size of bra fits you perfectly from a designer label, you can find more bras of the same fit from other brands and other countries. All you need is a comparison chart that clearly shows the bra sizes in the US, UK, Eur, Australia, and France.

Switching from one brand to another can also throw you in a tizzy. Sometimes, even sister brands have different size charts that you should consider.

How have full-support bras with larger cup sizes become more fashionable?

Studies show that women with bigger breasts have fewer style options since most designers still don’t plunge into bigger sizes of bras. Bralettes and demi cups are unreachable dreams for most curvaceous women, who live and love high fashion. Sadly, till date, voluptuous women, like us, are on the hunt for “practical” and “full support” bras that can sit well under dresses, shirts, blouses, and tops. The reality for the bra-loving, full-bodied woman is still grim.

Thankfully, some startup fashion and lingerie brands are coming up with designs that exclusively flatter larger bosoms. Heavy breasts don’t need to sag or sit stiffly any longer. The new-age bras for fuller women and bigger breasts provide complete support laterally and vertically. They can help you avoid physical stress. Most importantly, some of them also offer optimum lateral support that streamlines and narrows the waist to create a slimmer look in any clothing.

Once the telltale characters of a bra with a big cup size were wider shoulder straps, full-coverage cups, wide bands, and solid back. These are indeed useful to support larger breasts, but they are undoubtedly unflattering. Now the same cup sizes come with thinner straps sometimes with rhinestones and sequins. Padded and underwired variants create a flattering cleavage. Spacer cups and minimizers are ideal for those who want a slim look. Sturdy side seams prevent unsightly spillage and thinner but sturdier backs with extender options.

How can you find your right bra size in minutes?

When in doubt, always knock on the doors of the professional bra fitting experts. They have numerous tricks under their sleeves for finding the right bra size for you. If you already have a bra that fits, you can take it to them for finding out which brands keep the same sizes and what other bra styles you can check out that will flatter your bust line. The process is quite easy, and it does not even take 10-whole minutes out of a day.

How is under-fashion evolving for curvy women?

With the right designers, you may even find the right quarter-cup bodysuit, balconette bra, pushup demi-cup bras, and wired bralettes for your wardrobe. It is indeed a glorious time for lingerie shoppers – now you can indulge in bandeau bras, bodysuits, teddies, balconette lace bra, and underwear sets and frilly bras. You don’t even have to worry about adjusting the cups all day long or wardrobe malfunctions at the most unfortunate places.