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National Floors Direct Delivers Hot-Trending Hardwood Flooring

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Hardwood flooring continues to trend among the most popular residential and commercial home improvements. It’s not surprising that engineered and solid products would rank among the hottest trends again this year, considering National Floors Direct provides a significant number of quotes for property owners annually.

Homeowners interested in upgrading their floors typically consider hardwoods because they deliver a tangible luster and augment interior design elements. People who have a keen eye on the financial implications of home improvement projects quickly discover the long-term benefits of hardwood flooring. For example, solid and durable engineered materials deliver a 70-80 percent return on investment. A survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors concluded that hardwood flooring was the leading project in terms of recouping the investment. The study also indicated that home sellers enjoyed a 106 percent value recovery rate.

What Are Hottest Trending Hardwood Flooring Materials?

Although companies such as National Floors Direct supply and install wide-reaching materials, certain species of hardwood flooring types lead the field year-over-year. Each delivers the enhanced durability that resists impacts from falling objects or youngsters and pets tracking the great outdoors into your home. The following rank as the most popular options.

  • Oak Hardwood Flooring: This iconic hardwood remains the most desirable and sought-after flooring material, bar none. Its distinctive grains and longevity are only equaled by its rugged ability to withstand heavy foot traffic. Flooring installation professionals often find that property owners like to match the interior décor with either white or red oak species. The red oak variety offers a darker ambiance and embraces lush-colored tones. White oak is a perfect species to brighten rooms and make them appear even more spacious.
  • Walnut Hardwood Flooring: This flooring type tends to be richer and more profound than many in its class. Walnut ranks among the preferred choices in large, open spaces and delivers a classic experience when professionally installed.
  • Maple Hardwood Flooring: Maple has been a flooring material of choice dating back to the Colonial period in America. After reviewing the best materials on the market, people fall in love with maple every day. That’s primarily because it works well in both contemporary and traditional settings. It’s important to note that Maple can be less porous than other hardwoods. That’s why flooring specialists generally advise against kitchen and bathroom installations.
  • Cherry Hardwood Flooring: Although this material provides a distinctive appearance, it has misconceptions. Some associate the wood color with the fruit and believe it will look dark red in their homes. Cherry possesses only a hint of natural red that can be an asset when staining and finishing. The hardwood provides an excellent base for enhancing golden hues.

It’s essential to understand these and other sustainable flooring materials can be installed as 100 percent solid or durable engineered flooring options. And the floor material manufacturing industry embraces the latest technologies to develop cost-effective opportunities. Engineered hardwood materials last upwards of 30 years, while solid boards generally last a lifetime.

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Although oak generally leads hardwood flooring trends year-over-year, it’s in a home or commercial property owner’s best interest to conduct due diligence. Contact National Floors Direct for more information or a quote today.