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Moving Out: Tips on How to Safely Transport Your Precious Art Collection


Everyone knows that moving is one of the most tedious things you could ever do, especially when you have a lot of belongings and valuable art. It can get a little tricky moving all these delicate things in one piece, so take a look below at some of the helpful tips that can help you preserve your collectibles during your move.

Find the right moving company

When it comes to moving and packing your things perfectly, there comes a time when you need an extra professional hand to get it done with ease. No matter which state you’re moving to or from, whether it’s Florida or California, you need a good team of specialists that have years of experience with moving art paintings and antiques.

According to Rosa Del Monte, a good moving company should raise the bar when it comes to valuable art pieces. Just do your research and make sure you find one that’s affordable and offers great service.

Don’t forget to read the company’s fine print, refund or damage policies, and list of services. Once you find a moving company that is certified and offers great rates, your moving process will be much easier and hassle-free.

Understand the aspects of your art 

Before you start wrapping and packing things up, you need to know that all of your art pieces aren’t the same shape or size. Which means that every piece would need specific packaging and wrap for maximum protection. But, if you hire some professional help, they would know how to wrap a normal canvas painting to an oil painting masterpiece.

The boxes you need are different

There are specific telescopic art boxes that are cost-effective and prove much more suited for many different pieces of art. Since it comes in many different shapes and sizes, the choices and different variety make it a lot easier for you to protect your things during the moving process. And make sure each box is highlighted with fragile or handle with care signs.

Can’t go wrong with crates

If you have very large artwork, then you would definitely need wooden crates that provides a tremendous amount of protection for your memorable art pieces. It would be best also to have crates that are built to match the dimensions of your art; a very good choice for those long-distance moves.

Pick the right size and fill it up

Whether you have boxes or crates, remember to always choose the right size for the right and specific item. Remember to plastic wrap every part of the item, especially the frames. And also, have the right packing materials to protect the pieces inside and prevent any possible damage from the road. After you’ve packed things, you could fill it all up with Styrofoam pieces and bubble wrap. Any extra protection is great for sensitive and delicate pieces.

Always go the extra mile with your priceless items, you don’t want any damages or losses. If you follow all the safety steps and hired professional help from reliable companies, then the moving process will go smoothly and without any hiccups.