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Most Popular Online Games in South Florida


Online gaming is becoming a prevalent pass time activity among the youth. In fact, the gaming industry has witnessed significant growth over the past years, and as we can see there is always a lot of hype for big events like E3 or eSports competition.

However, when we say “gaming” the term also includes online casinos, and their popularity varies from one state to state another. This is because online casino games are available only in states where gambling is legal.

South Florida is one of the states that are really open to online entertainment, and a large portion of gamers actually play on online casino platforms. Considering how there is a wide representation of gamers here, let’s see what are the most popular online games in South Florida.


Considering how a large player base plays games available at the online casinos, and most of the casino players play slots, this is technically one of the more popular games. That being said there are thousands of different slots that have different themes and maybe a varying scoring system. Still, there are some among them that stand out from the crowd like Achilles, Ancient Gods, and Cash Bandits slot games.

What people most likely find appealing here is the possibility of a life-changing jackpot. There is a story of a Chinese soldier who turned 25p into 13.2 million British pounds. So, there are big prizes involved, and much like with the lottery, people are not concerned with the odds. That is, as long as there’s a possibility of winning and a real-life story to back it up.


When it comes to poker it is not exclusively played on online casino sites. There are mobile apps, and also games on social networks that allow you to play poker with different people or even friends. Unlike slots, it’s a game of skill and you play against other people as well, so video poker is really rising in popularity. Furthermore, people play it to sharpen their skills and or to win money. And depending on these goals they opt for either casual play or a more competitive version with stakes. Whatever the choice, it seems like a better option financially wise if you want to get a prize, as you don’t rely on luck only. Lastly, a lot of them practice for the World of Poker Series tournament which is a competition that attracts more and more players lately.


Roulette is a game where odds are in the player’s favor almost as much as they are for the house to win – almost fifty percent. Online casinos usually have free spin bonuses involving roulettes and slots in order to incentivize users to make an account. Casinosters and similar sites allow users to be up to date with generous bonus offers that give them a chance to make the most value out of their deposit. This is also a way to identify casinos that are legitimate.

eSports Games

https://pixabay.com/photos/performance-city-competition-3110696/Definitely one of the new career paths of the 21st century, eSports continues to grow all over the world. Did you know that eSports revenue is starting to rival that of regular sports? It’s true, in places like Korea, eSports players are actually an inspiration for athletes and the pride of the nation. Fortnite, Dota 2, League of Legends, Call of Duty, and Counter-Strike are among the top eSports competitions in South Florida. Of course, the list is likely to change as new and more popular games are developed and released.

The prizes for these events are as high as ever, and matches are also listed in sportsbooks, so players can bet on their favorite teams. Even though video game competitions started way back in the ’70s never did they receive as much attention as they do today. It just goes to show how with every generation the world slightly changes.

There are so many different games available and online play has become a basic feature. Popular games are not only measured by the number of players but also by the number of viewers, and competitive games are usually a treat to watch.

Still, it’s worth mentioning that other games on this list have a large player base and aren’t in their essence competitive games. It’s interesting to keep track of these things and see how they evolve or change on an annual basis.

James Collins

Author Bio: James Collins is a tech-savvy writer and a gaming enthusiast. James is very competitive, so the games he enjoys the most are some of the well-known eSports titles. He also plays table football, and ping pong as well as card games like poker, and blackjack.