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Most Dangerous Intersections in St. Petersburg, Florida


Ask any St. Petersburg car accident lawyer and can they can recite from memory the most dangerous intersection in the city. It’s a gift and a curse. An occupational hazard if you will!

Unfortunately, these areas are some of the most important roads in the city and they are so busy because so many drivers need to pass through to get to work, to get home, or to get to that important errand. 

Here are the popular intersections and yet the most dangerous intersection in St Pete know for causing collisions and other accident which have led to the most injuries and fatalities.

These St. Petersburg intersections are noted for being among the most dangerous places on the roads of Florida. This is where the most life-changing and horrific accidents happen. An estimated 2.5 million intersection-related incidents took place in the state because of others’ negligence. We must change these behaviors.

The intersection of 28th St. N. and 1st Ave. N.

In the heart of the Grand Central District and the Historic Kenwood area lies the intersection of 28th St. N. and 1st Ave. N. It’s the hub connecting all the traffic of the area, bringing the traffic from I-275 into the city from both the old world and the new. While the intersection has only seen roughly 21 fatal accidents in the past 7 years, there have been more injuries from crashes on that intersection than on any other intersection in St. Petersburg.

Corridor of US-19 and 1st Ave. N.

Let’s continue down 1st Ave for a while and note that the busy corridor of US-19 intersecting the 1st Ave. N. is also dangerous. This corridor is the city’s hub for red-light running crashes. Locals are already calling for red-light cameras in the area in an effort to quell some of the drivers who seem to think that this road is meant more for speed than more getting safely to their destination.

The intersection of 34th St. and 22nd Ave.

The intersection of 34th St and 22nd Ave has accounted for 24 total accidents in 2018 reporting 13 injuries. Local officials expect to see this number increase as a result of new businesses going into this area. As of this writing, the area is already on its way to becoming the main hub for downtown. The larger roads will decrease the chance of any foot traffic and increase the chance of more vehicle traffic.

How to Avoid These Accidents?

Avoiding car accidents can be split into 2 separate categories: what can local authorities do, and what can we do as individuals. If we can find a way to ensure community leaders and individuals take responsibility for these accidents, then we may see a downturn in accidents, injuries, and fatalities.

Local Authorities: 

Traffic Enforcement Programs

We turn to police and traffic officers to manage the situation by establishing a helpful traffic enforcement program. What we have seen work in the past is clamping down on red-light runners, drunk drivers, and speeders.


We have to take a hard look at our roads as well. Many of these intersections are on heavily traveled roads which means they suffer from consistent wear and tear and need more maintenance. The holiday traffic and the influx of snowbirds during the season can make the intersections difficult to cruise safely and to maintain. But we must turn to local leaders to take on that challenge.

Carelessness, distractions, and impatience

According to authorities, the possible causes might include carelessness, distractions, and impatience. We live in a time of constant distraction, cell phones, radios, screens that are always vying for your attention. Drivers are driving more distracted than ever.

Road Rage

Without a doubt, road rage is one of the leading causes of accidents. Though in the case of many of these intersections, road rage is just a contributing factor. And the road’s poor design could indirectly lead to more road rage, thus the vicious cycle continues.

There is no perfect solution to a problem of this nature. There will always be dangerous intersections and St. Petersburg is no exception. Remember these intersections and do your best to pay close attention when driving through them.

Put your phone down, keep your eyes on the road, and focus on getting through these intersections safely.