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More COVID-19 Vaccine Appointments At Publix. Registration Is 6AM Wednesday


On Tuesday, Publix working with the State of Florida announced they will once again take appointments to administer COVID-19 vaccinations.

Courtesy: Terri Lynn

Registration begins at 6 AM Wednesday, January 27th.

NOTE: There is no way to know how many doses each Publix will have. Nor how quickly they will fill up.  The list of participating Publix pharmacies is constantly being updated.  


From Terri Lynn and my experience, when they say registration begins at 6 AM, if you’re not online before 6AM, the likelihood of getting an appointment rapidly diminishes.  We had our first Moderna vaccine on January 9.  We are scheduled for the second dose on February 6.

Publix and the State have compiled a list of the pharmacies currently offering the vaccine.  View a full list of Florida pharmacies offering appointments for the COVID-19 vaccine. Customers can also use the online reservation system to learn if appointments are available at a nearby Publix.

In accordance with the state’s guidelines, vaccinations are currently being provided to individuals ages 65 and older. The state of Florida now requires individuals receiving their first vaccine dose to provide proof of residency meeting certain criteria. Residency requirements can be found at publix.com/covidvaccine/florida.

As the old saying goes “Be Prepared,” and thanks to the news team at NBC-2 in Ft. Myers, here’s a simple, easy to understand list of everything you need to have ready before attempting to make an online appointment.  Do NOT wait till you get online to first start looking for the information needed.

Guide to book a COVID-19 vaccine appointment at Publix (Video)

The following step-by-step was the process we experienced on Jan. 20 and 22.

**NBC2 is not responsible if there are changes to the Publix site or appointment making process.**

This information will help you once you get into the portal to sign up. Waiting in the queue can be frustrating, but once you start, you must move quickly through the signup process.

REMEMBER: You haven’t secured a spot until you get to the end of the sign-up and confirm.



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