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Mayans Invented The Hammock Using Fiber From The Hammack Tree

On July 22nd, relax in the shade and enjoy National Hammock Day. These portable, comfortable slings create excellent napping spaces no matter where you are!

  • A hammock, used for swinging, sleeping or resting, is a sling made of fabric, rope or netting.  Usually, a hammock suspends between two points such as trees or posts.
  • Though the hammock dates back thousands of years to Central America where it protected people from creatures and dirt, the netted bed didn’t find Europe until explorers brought it back in the 17th century. Not long after, the hammock found its way onto naval ships, providing comfort and maximizing space.
  • Extreme hammocking puts the adventure into your rest and relaxation. Thrill-seekers sleep in hammocks hundreds of feet above a canyon floor.
  • Mayans invented the hammock! Yup, hammocks were originally woven from the Hammack tree, native to Latin America, hence the name, “hammock”.
  • In North Carolina, you can find the largest hammock in the world, which spans 42 feet and has been woven from over 10,000 feet of rope. The hammock can hold 8000lbs,
  • The man who discovered the Americas, Christopher Columbus, had his eye on the prize when he made it to American shores, and wasted absolutely no time in transporting hammocks back to the European continent in the 15th century.
  • There is a hammock that looks all kinds of terrifying in Utah that hangs 492 feet in the air over a massive canyon. Getting the hammock up and running cost no less than $50,000.
  • Lying in a hammock is one of life’s simple pleasures. An affordable item that can feel totally luxurious. That is unless you decide to purchase the Petiole – the costliest hammock in the world. This slick object has a curved shape, can hold up to 250 kilograms, and blocks most UV rays while also allowing for a perfect view of whichever paradise you are in. And if you have a cool $35,000 lying around, it’s yours for the taking!
  •  Bubbles, warm water and a swinging chair. It sounds crazy, but it’s true. A hydro-hammocks will give you the pleasure to have warm bubble bath wile enjoying the view.


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