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Marlin Fishing in Florida: A Beginners Guide

Photo by Taylor Deas-Melesh on Unsplash

With fantastic fishing grounds all across the state, Florida is already a great place for any angler. From Mahi Mahi and Red Snapper to Tuna and Tarpon, the Sunshine State has almost every important game fish on offer. But Marlin fishing in Florida is a truly special kind of adventure.

Famous for their size, strength, and spectacular fights, Marlins are not easy to reel in. But once you land your catch, you’ll have a story that you’ll tell for years to come. Read on to find out which species of Marlin you can find in Florida and how to get your hands on them.

Florida Marlin Species

There are two species of Marlin in Florida – White and Blue Marlin. But keep an eye out for the Roundscale Spearfish that looks similar to White Marlin, too. You can distinguish them by their distinct individual scales. The scales of a White Marlin are less noticeable.

White Marlin
White Marlin

White Marlins are the smaller of the two species and the smallest of all the Marlins in the world. They grow to a maximum length of about 9 feet and can weigh up to 180 pounds – so not that small! However, the average size range is between 50 and 83 inches and females are usually larger than males. White Marlins are mostly solitary and only get together in small schools when they’re feeding. They prefer waters that are over 100 feet deep but come to the surface to feed.

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If you’ve never fished for Marlin before, White Marlin is a good species to start with. They’re not as big as their relatives, but be aware that they’ll still put up a strong fight. You’ll see them spectacularly leap out of the water to try and escape your hook.

Where can you find White Marlin in Florida? Pretty much anywhere the water is deep enough. White Marlin live in both the Atlantic and the Gulf, so it is just a matter of finding them. Just note that you might just have to go a bit further out on the water in some places.

Blue Marlin 
Blue Marlin

If you’re looking to pick a bigger fight, Blue Marlin fishing in Florida is for you! The larger females can reach impressive sizes of 16 feet in length from bill to tail and there are reported weights of up to a breathtaking 1,810 pounds. The biggest Blue Marlin weighed under IGFA standards was 1,402 pounds, so still a very hefty catch! Even an average-sized specimen of 250 to 400 pounds is going to be a workout to reel in.

A fight with a Blue Marlin is often very aggressive. They’re known to leap out of the water and they’ll shake their head violently. This makes for a great show, but will also tire you and them out very quickly. So make sure you’re prepared and rest between the bites.

As with White Marlin, you can catch Blue Marlin anywhere off the coast of Florida at depths of 250 feet or more. In general, the best fishing spots for Blue Marlin in Florida are along the 100-fathom curve and, of course, in the Florida Keys. But let’s get into the details of where exactly to fish for both Blue and White Marlin in Florida.

Top Spots for Marlin Fishing in Florida

As we mentioned earlier, both Marlin species live in the Atlantic Ocean as well as the Gulf of Mexico. This means that you can head out to fish for Marlin from any location along the coast of Florida. The most successful spots are drop-offs on the ocean floor, since they offer feeding grounds for a variety of fish. As some locations are closer to good fishing grounds than others, we’ve put together a list of the top spots for you.

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