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Managing Your Family’s Finances – Facebook Live Event

Our LAST Live Event for 2020 is scheduled for Wednesday, December 23rd at 12:00 pm (EST)!

Ft Lauderdale Bankruptcy Attorney Chad Van Horn is here to help individuals, families, and businesses through difficult financial times.

During this interactive Facebook Live Q&A, Chad will be talking more about:

  • What to expect from the new presidency and potential impacts on finances
  • Does it make sense to downsize or sell a car to generate extra funds?
  • What should you do with a savings account?
  • Passive income and how to monetize your skills
  • Understanding retirement options during the pandemic

Have a question you want Chad to answer?

To get questions answered during this LIVE Q&A, DM us. Chad will be answering as many questions as possible during this free, Facebook Live event.

Register for this event today on the Van Horn Law Group Facebook page.


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