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Making Your Product Images Do Their Best: Small Tips for Big Image Improvement


If you are considering a DIY photo session or want to make sure that you know what to ask for and how to get the most of product pictures, read the following recommendations. Simple and obvious as they seem, they can significantly improve pictures, thus reducing the need for editing, and save you a bit of money. 

Naturally, the first thing that can cross your mind is to hire a reliable studio. They are professionals and should know what images are OK and what are not commercially desired. Squareshot.co is your first stop in terms of quality and pricing.

Learn what big e-commerce platforms want

If you plan to start small and place your products on a big platform like Amazon, you should know that they have specific requirements for images.

You can learn details in their Terms of Service, but the basic rules require that:

– You place products on a white background

– You provide true-to-life images (no filters, color manipulation, etc.)

– You provide an array of images presenting different views of your goods

– You provide images where the product takes around 80% of the picture space

– You provide images in high resolution, but their size should not exceed the mentioned limit

If you have your e-shop, the same picture-taking rules apply. They were developed based on the experience sellers and shoppers get from interactions, and they work for any e-commerce.

Think about what you can say about your product

Now it’s time to get creative. You know your product and you know what you want to tell your customers through images you post. Is it a unique feature? Is it a particularly nice detail? Is it an amazing effect? Show it!

– Give context for things you sell. Show how to use it, how to wear it, how to incorporate it into daily life or a celebration. Show emotions people get while owning/using your product. Happy, focused, free, inspired, comfortable or relaxed – convey it in your pics. Sometimes such images are called lifestyle images, and that’s what they should look like. Connected to life. One image per product or line of products is OK but think through the message to deliver and arrange the details carefully in that one image.

– Focus on important details. Details make your product stand out, so show them. Impeccable seams, smooth lines, carefully crafted accessories, polished finish – showcase it because that’s what makes your goods unique and covetable.

Step into the shoes of users and think about what they may want to know

– Be sure to demonstrate the actual size of your product. Place it next to (or on) a model or an item with universally known measurements.

– Provide pics of an item in different colors. A black coat may look boring, but the same coat in blue can look totally chic – and persuade a client to buy. It’s the image that makes a difference in perception.

– Include zoom-in options and 360° view, where possible. If customers can zoom in and explore the item closely, they feel more confident about buying. So give them this chance.

All in all, if you put together these tips, comply with technical demands and get creative with showcasing your products, you’ll make amazing product images. And good pics, are the key to online retail’s success.