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Looking to Organize Your Office For Maximum Productivity? Read This!


Your office is your second home. So, it does not make sense to have clutter get the better of it. If you have noticed lately that your office seems cluttered with unnecessary items, please do not ignore it.  Clutter is problematic. It can lead to a productivity drop. Which can not only affect employee retention rate but also negatively impact your bottom line. 

And you don’t want that. Do you? Here are 5 ways to declutter your office to make way for the positive vibes. 

Manage Your Cluttered Desk

This may sound weird, but some employees like to work around stocked-up documents or piles of files. They may believe it increases their productivity, but studies suggest otherwise. You must bring order in chaos to ensure the overall office area looks in shape. 

Don’t stash all your important documents in a single place. It is better to separate bills and invoices instead of many piles of different documents. So if you’re searching for an important document, you’ll know which pile, to begin with.

If papers are blocking your workspace, consider shifting to paper-free filing. You can keep a file sorter in or near your desk to clear out the clutter promptly. 

Every week or two, take the clutter out and put it in the trash can. Make use of organizers and holders to keep stationery organized.

Other locations to keep clutter under control are bookcases, objects hanging on the walls and floor. Once you are done separating the junk from the essential items, you can contact a professional junk removal company to take care of the property cleanouts

Keep Essentials Nearby

If you need something for regular use, have it close to the place you work. It could be a telephone, some reference book and planners and files, or a printer. 

If you own a large number of items that you require constantly throughout the day, consider getting a bigger desk. You can choose any furniture arrangement like a U-shape desk setup or table and desk so that you can easily swivel around to find the things you require.

Anything you use occasionally doesn’t have to be placed at your workstation. So, either put them in the storage cabinets or get rid of them permanently by putting those items in the “junk collection”.

Prioritize Comfort

Here’s the truth – nothing can affect efficiency more severely than discomfort and clutter. For example – if your back hurts or you experience eyestrain, you may not concentrate properly. This is why a comfortable chair and a brightly lit office space are vital to your health and comfort.

Ideally, your office must have plenty of natural light to prevent eye strain. If it doesn’t, invest in lighting. Also, set up your computer chair and monitor to ensure your posture is appropriate and you can avoid back & neck problems.

Don’t sit on the screen for too long. Take breaks and stretch your body after every one hour. 

Surround Yourself With What Inspires You or Makes You Happy

Design your office in a way that inspires you to be at your best every day. For example, you can put up inspirational wall paintings of Swami Vivekananda or any other role model. If plants give you solace, consider having Bonsai in your office. 

You can also place your office table in front of the window if there is a nice view to look at. Occasionally looking at the view outside will keep your mind fresh and help you focus better.