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Learn When and How to Properly Dispose of Face Masks


Since the beginning of the recent global pandemic, the CDC and health experts have been presenting critical information about lowering the risk of COVID-19.

The recent global pandemic has presented a dire need for better personal protective equipment for everyone, and face masks have become the standard norm for blocking airborne germs from COVID-19.

The general consensus is that face masks are the best way to reduce the spread of the virus, and single-use masks are more effective than masks that are used multiple times. However, when using the masks, it is necessary to learn how to dispose of the masks properly.

When using the face masks, it is vital to understand what safety protocol is necessary when disposing of single-use masks and preventing the risk to one’s self and others. According to studies, the face masks block most germs in the air and lower the individual’s risk of getting the virus.

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When disposing of face masks, you must refrain from touching the front of the mask and place the used mask into a thick plastic bag.

Use Non-Reusable Masks

The best way to manage potential COVID-19 germs is to use single-use masks and dispose of them according to the CDC’s current guidelines. While washable masks are a great choice for protecting household members, they aren’t the best solution for individuals who are going to get supplies and facing an increased exposure level. When they visit grocery stores and go to other establishments where there are larger crowds of people, the single-use masks are the best choice. Consumers can learn more about Disposable Face Masks from their preferred supplier now.

Do Not Touch the Front of the Mask

When removing the mask from the face, it is vital that the individual doesn’t touch the front of the mask as this exposes them to germs. They can wear a clean pair of latex gloves to remove the mask, and they should remove it by removing the bands behind their ears and hold the mask by the bands. It is important that they do not touch any other part of the mask when disposing of it. They should also make sure they do not touch the face after removing the bands from behind their ears as this will introduce germs to their bare skin.

Place It Into A Thick Plastic Bag

When disposing of the single-use mask, the wearer should place the mask into a thick plastic bag. The mask is considered a biohazard, and the individual must ensure that the mask doesn’t touch the exterior sections of the thick plastic bag. It is recommended that they continue wearing their gloves until they have disposed of the mask completely.

Double Bag the Masks

Whenever possible, the mask wearer should consider double bagging the used masks before placing them into the trash. This gives them an additional protective barrier around the masks, and even if one bag becomes torn, others will not be at risk. It is important to consider that the masks will end up in a landfill, and extra protection could stop others from contracting the virus.

Wash Your Hands After Placing It In the Outdoor Receptacle

The last step is to place the double-bagged face masks into the outdoor receptacle. The individual should never place their masks into the interior trash cans, as this could spread COVID-19 germs inside their home. They should place the masks into the exterior trash receptacle, and they should wash their hands with an alcohol-based soap or hand sanitizer.