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Lawyer Advice – Picking the Best Personal Injury Lawyer

Nobody wants to be in a situation where they need to find a lawyer who specializes in injury cases. Unfortunately, sometimes something terrible happens and there’s no alternative. In that case you want to hire the very best out there, and we have some insightful tips on how to do just that.

Tip 1 – Ask for personal recommendations

This is the best place to start, and although it takes more effort than calling random lawyers who advertise all over the TV and the internet. By using your network of family and friends, (and in turn their wider networks), to ask for recommendations you really boost the chance of finding someone who had a great and positive experience.

It’s also worth asking for leads on local community Facebook groups. Of course, you still need to do a little checking, especially if you don’t personally know the person who puts a name forward. A quick Google search should bring up several reviews from different sources which you can use to form an opinion.

Tip 2 – Do some background research

So you have the name of a potentially great injury attorney before you go any further snoop around online to check they are actually licensed to work in your state, and also look at the local bar association’s database to find out if they have any history of sanctions or similar against them.

Tip 3 – Check out their experience

There are two elements to check: that they have a decent level of training and that they have enough legal experience dealing with problems like yours. Of course, everyone has to get that experience somehow, so check that if you were allocated a junior lawyer they would be adequately supervised by a senior partner.

For example, the Dore Law Group has had years of experience in dealing with car accident related cases so you would rely on them if this was the situation you were involved in. Many law firms are focused one area of work so seeking out those which are most appropriate make the process much more effective.

Tip 4 – Discuss how the fees work

A good personal injury lawyer doesn’t have anything to hide when it comes to fees and charges; they are upfront, and a clearly written outline and agreement on all costs are provided as standard. Most injury lawyers will operate a ‘no win-no fee’ system for around one-third of the final settlement, but again, do not take this for granted.

Tip 5 – Choose someone who you like and trust

It doesn’t matter if a lawyer can boast about genuine high-level personal injury awards for previous clients, you need to be able to connect with them, to feel like they actually care about your case and are going to invest the effort needed to win.

You are going to be talking to your lawyer a lot, so if you don’t feel comfortable with them, or don’t feel like they properly listen to you, it is not the right firm for you. Anyone who makes wild promises from the start or glosses over any aspects of the case which are weaker than others is also best avoided as you need a personal injury lawyer who can see the whole, realistic, picture.


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