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Knife Found On O.J. Simpson’s Property Years Ago Tested By LAPD (Video)

Frame Grab from Inform.com video

LOS ANGELES —A knife that was found on O.J. Simpson’s former property in Los Angeles will undergo testing, police confirm to CBS News.

The buck knife was found buried on the property and will be tested for DNA evidence, reports CBS Los Angeles. It was apparently discovered by a construction worker years ago, who turned it over to a retired police officer who was working security for a movie set across the street from Simpson’s Rockingham home, LAPD Capt. Andy Neiman told KNX 1070.

“Apparently he was approached by an individual who claimed to have found a knife from the Rockingham property. That retired motor officer hung on to the knife,” Neiman said. Simpson lived in a mansion on Rockingham Avenue in Brentwood, when Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were killed in 1994.

The officer who was given the knife kept it at his home for years, Neiman said.

“According to him, he thought the case was closed, since the case was no longer being prosecuted — did not realize the legalities that a case like this remains open until there is a conviction,” Neiman said.

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Video below used with permission from Inform.com