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Key Largo Deep Sea Fishing: A Complete Guide


So you’re thinking of casting a line in the Florida Keys. Who could blame you? The world-famous waters around this stunning archipelago are on the bucket list of any saltwater angler. But where to go? We’re here today to help you make up your mind by talking about the Key Largo deep sea fishing scene.

We’ll run through what you can catch, how to do it, when to come, and much more in the form of regulations and useful tips. Stick with us and, by the time you’re done reading, you’ll be an expert in the field of Key Largo deep sea fishing. All that’ll be left to do is to head down to the Keys and get your fish on!

For a more general look at Key Largo’s angling scene, take a look at our video below:

Key Largo Deep Sea Fishing Catches

We’ll start with the thing every angler wants to know wherever they go fishing. What is it they’ll be targeting, of course. The Florida Keys’ list of offshore species is second to almost none around the world. So let’s meet the stars of the show.

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Cobia and Kingfish

We’ll start off with two creatures that can be caught along the reefs and out in the deep blue. Cobia and Kingfish are light tackle favorites – and for good reason. Both offer plenty of exciting action, as they promise to fight hard to get off the end of your line. They’re also absolutely delicious, meaning that every angler will want to take one home at the end of their trip.

Cobia swim in schools in Florida, which is unusual for the species. This means you can engage in sight fishing as well as bottom fishing around structure or trolling the water tops. Try crabs and eels for bait, or any artificials that mimic these favored treats, and you’ll be sure to attract their attention.

Kingfish are most likely to be caught while trolling, and they prefer shrimp and any kind of dead fish, although plugs can also do the trick. For both species, November through April is the time when they come to the warm waters of the Keys to seek refuge. What better treat on a winter getaway?

Mahi Mahi and Wahoo

Sticking with the theme of two fishy friends who show up at the same time, Mahi Mahi and Wahoo are both year-round species on Key Largo’s deep sea fishing menu. While Mahi Mahi are prized all over the world for their fighting prowess, dazzling looks, and delicious meat, Wahoo are often overlooked. But we’re here to try and change that. They’re equally as tough and just as delicious if you ask us!

Head offshore from Key Largo in spring and summer and you’re pretty much guaranteed to encounter these two beauties. Try fast trolling with any bait – these aren’t fussy eaters – and you’ll catch these creatures’ attention. For an extra chance of success, look for any floating debris which could entice them, or try chumming to get them on the hunt for food. Wait for the reels to screech and leap into battle against these worthy opponents.


If there’s one offshore fish that needs no introduction, it’s Tuna. Beloved around the world for their meat qualities, these creatures are top of the list for any angler wanting to catch their own dinner. But they’re also incredible game fish, too. Why? Well, not only do they grow to impressive sizes, they’re also cold-blooded, meaning they can dive deep with your line, making you fight for every inch of it.

In Key Largo, you can target two kinds of Tuna – Yellowfin and Blackfin. Yellowfins grow to bigger sizes, but Blackfins are just as fun to target. You’ll want to try trolling with lures or bait to catch these creatures’ attention. But beware, Blackfins have incredible vision, so you’ll need a very light leader to make sure they don’t catch on. Chumming is also recommended to attract these brutes.

When to come Tuna fishing in Key Largo? Pretty much any time. Yellowfins show up between April and December, while their black-finned cousins are available from September through June. Get ready to test your skills before heading back to shore with a deserved reward.

Have you ever been deep sea fishing in Key Largo? Any stories you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below. We love hearing from you!

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