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Kevin Bacon vs Florida Boy in Ice Cream-Eating Fight: “I Never Had a Chance!”

Actor Kevin Bacon throws himself fully into an ice cream eating challenge recently in Kissimmee (Splash News photo)

By Jose Lambiet, GossipExtra.com, for SouthFloridaReporter.com, Aug 6, 2015 – KISSIMMEE — Hollywood star Kevin Bacon dropped in on the Give Kids The World village in Kissimmee the other day,  and he was beaten soundly by a 7-year-old in an ice cream eating contest that’s set to become the next big online charity challenge.

The star of Mystic River and Footloose, 57, visited the vacation resort designed for kids with life-threatening illnesses and took the village’s ice cream challenge (#GKTWChallenge): He took on a little cancer patient in who could eat the most ice cream in six seconds, then paid $6 to the non-profit because he lost . . . big.

Said the 57-year-old Bacon: “I never had a chance!”

Partly because the kids buried his face into the cold stuff.

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Bacon, by the way, is the founder of Six Degrees, a charity that encourages celebs to get involved in children’s non-profits.

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