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Journey to New Zealand

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Travel blogger, Viktoriia Svyrydiuk loves to inspire people and share stories on travelling as well as provide the most valuable ‘tips about trips’. Her belief is that a “great trip can be possible even if you have a minimum budget to spend.”

Recently, Viktoriia’s friend, Nick visited New Zealand.

Here is what she learned.

When Nick went to New Zealand, he instantly become a devoted fan. He spent almost twenty-four hours on a plane before reaching New Zealand.


Tram no 1888 Christchurch

The city of Christchurch was his first destination. New Zealand is comprised of two main islands, North Island and South Island, and dozens of smaller islands. Christchurch is the gateway to the South Island. It is very similar to an old-fashioned British town with its Victorian mansions and post offices.

Nick found Noah and Olivia via the AirBnB website and facilitated his living in the country. Funny thing that his hosts were casino players (it is very popular in NZ, you can check this NZ online casino list), and earned well, hosting many tourists year round. They moved to Christchurch  about two years earlier, and bought a picturesque old mansion there.

Nick, my friend, was very pleased with their hospitality and openness. He was there for several days longer than he planned. It is a fine choice, though, for people looking for a calm rest and nice food.


Bungee Jumping in Queenstown

Nick spent the next few days in Queenstown, the tourist capital of the country. The surrounding mountains of Queenstown, Lake Wakatipu, green pastures, fast rivers have actually created the global image of New Zealand. Here you can try skiing, rafting along fast rivers on rafts, hiking, rope jumping and bungee jumping. Actually, bungee jumping  originated in Queenstown.

Sheep are free to walk on the roads and virtually everywhere. You can visit the Walter Peak farm to see the demonstration of sheep shearing process and taste some tea and biscuits afterwards. You can get there by a steamship from Queenstown.


If you go further with the steamship cruise and then get over several peaks, you will see the coast of the Tasman Sea. On the stony beaches you will be able to observe the colonies of seals, that are not afraid of humans at all. The seals guard the entrance to the Milford Fjord, the “eighth wonder of the world”, as Kipling called it. However, there is one nasty thing about this place – it is one of the dampest places in the world (they have about 21 feet of precipitation here yearly). 


Auckland is the only city with a million citizens in New Zealand. It stands on 53 volcanoes between the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean.

Auckland is called the “city of sails” due to many white yachts, sailboats and boats standing in the bay next to the business centers.

Here skyscrapers are adjacent to perfect green lawns, local residents are not in a hurry and the weather changes every ten minutes. This is a “melting pot”, as far as a very large number of people come here, mostly from America and Asia.

Piha beach
Piha beach

Traveler should stay here for a while, to see the 220-meter Skye Tower and Auckland Bridge, the main Queen Street, visit popular Mission Bay beach not far from Sea Life and the famous black sand Piha beach.

The route of New Zealand journey should depend on how much time you are to spend there. Some people prefer to come here for a month at least, or even more, to live here sometime and dive into the local lifestyle as much as possible.

For a monthly moderate trip you can pick this sample route: Auckland – Fangarei – Paihia – Rotorua – New Plymouth – Wellington – Picton – Christchurch – Queenstown – Te Anau-Invercargill – Dunedin – Auckland (or choose another starting point regarding your flight destination).

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