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Jonathan Diaz Cuts the Cost of Lead Generation


Lead generation is something that is of ultimate importance to all companies, regardless of their type or size, yet it’s also something that can take up a large proportion of a business’s budget. Companies regularly spend more than $77 billion per year on digital advertising, but some of that money goes to waste if lead nurturing strategies aren’t up to scratch.

Getting new customers to enter the sales funnel is essential for any business’s sustainable growth, so companies must focus on their efforts, finding ways of generating more leads while avoiding unnecessary expenditure. This is something that many companies struggle with, and it’s a problem that entrepreneur Jonathan Diaz has sought to address with his company Rocket Dyno.

The Basics Of Lead Generation

The number of people who engage with a business during the process of deciding whether or not to buy a product or service represents the number of generated leads. Generating leads doesn’t always mean that those leads will convert into paying customers. Even visitors who come to the website but then fail to take the desired actions will still count as leads.

CPL or Cost per Lead is an important metric that businesses use to work out how efficient their digital marketing campaigns are. It can be worked out using the following formula:

Total amount spent on the digital marketing campaign/amount of leads that came from the campaign

So, in practice, if you’ve spent $1000 on your campaign and 50 leads were generated, the cost per lead was $1000/50 i.e. $20.

Of course, it goes without saying that all companies want to get a high ROI on their lead generation strategies and they’re keen to spend as little as possible while maximizing the number of leads that they generate. This is something that Jonathan Diaz believes that Rocket Dyno can assist with.

Reducing The Average CPL

Jonathan Diaz is keen to point out that the average cost per lead can be quite high, and the costs are higher in some industries than in others. The average figures tend to range from between $31 up to as much as $208.

It is precisely this issue that the young entrepreneur set Rocket Dyno up to resolve.“Clearly, companies want to keep the costs of obtaining each lead down,” Diaz says.  “But, another problem that arises is that it isn’t just about generating the leads, it’s about nurturing them too. This can also be very costly. Often, nurturing involves ongoing follow-ups, often for months, before leads take action. That isn’t just time-consuming, it’s expensive. Finding a way to reduce those costs is key if companies want to remain profitable and successful.”

Rocket Dyno is a turnkey, industry-proven solution for generating, nurturing and transferring high-quality leads to companies. The idea behind the organization is to help businesses to grow by leveraging the power of human lead nurturing.

Rather than using bots and auto-dialers, Rocket Dyno uses only human agent interactions for lead generation, prospecting and nurturing, so that leads can be contacted within as little as 5 minutes of identifying themselves as a prospect. By taking on this complex and time-consuming element of a business’s operation, Rocket Dyno leaves companies and their employees to focus on their most important task of all – closing deals!

How Does Rocket Dyno Reduce Costs?

The main way in which Rocket Dyno reduces costs for companies is by providing a full lead generation and nurturing team for the price of a single employee.

One of the biggest costs associated with lead generation and nurturing for companies is hiring and maintaining a large team of staff to tackle all elements from project management and copywriting to ad management and appointment setting. Rocket Dyno supplies all of these team members at the same cost as employing just one member of staff.

“When a company uses our service, they benefit not only from a single person helping them out with their lead generation and nurturing campaign but a full team of professionals,” Diaz says. “We supply an appointment setter, an ad manager, a project manager, a copywriter and a graphic designer for a fully comprehensive approach.”

Increasing Profitability

Not only does Rocket Dyno reduce costs for companies, but it also helps to boost profitability by maximizing the number of fresh leads entering the sales funnel.

“Contacting leads within five minutes of signing up can boost conversions by almost 400%,” Diaz says. “Plus continuous nurturing is sometimes required. Our team of professionals follows up consistently with leads for as long as six months too, so companies can be confident of the maximum number of prospects in their sales funnel.”