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Jolie Glassman: “Life According to the Rules of Boxing”

Jolie Glassman is no stranger to delivering a solid punch. The celebrity trainer, behavioral educator, and owner of one of the most successful boxing gyms, South Beach Boxing, has sought to affect people positively with each venture she embarks on.

Most recently, Glassman has entered the published author ring with her debut book Life According to the Rules of Boxing: 101 Rules to Being the Champion of Your Own Life. 

Published by Balboa Press, Life According to the Rules of Boxing is part autobiography, part personal development, and partly a call-to-action. The foreword was penned by Khalilah Camacho-Ali,  Muhammad Ali’s ex-wife and mother of their four children. Famous boxer Mike Tyson gave the book a glowing review and promoted it wildly on his social media outlets. 

 The book is a unique approach to self-improvement and inspiration. In a market where many self-enlightenment books are available, Glassman’s offering stands apart. 

Faith Based Events

“It took a solid year of compiling and writing but a lifetime of lessons to put it together. All of the tidbits of my 30 years of personal development are there,” says Glassman.

Wisdom Straight from the Shoulder

Life According to the Rules of Boxing is a collection of 101 short, deeply impactful lessons from famous boxers. Each entry highlights how to be the champion of your own life and teach oneself to chase mastery continuously. Glassman uses a hero’s journey to guide readers through the book, each “packing a punch,” so to speak, with their individual message and applicable lessons. The insights are not laid out in any particular order following the opening entry, entitled “Always Chase the Perfect Punch.” 

 “You can open to any page you like and find a valuable lesson,” explains Glassman. 

Those valuable lessons says Glassman, are timeless. In a time when many kids are distracted by the glow of a device, and many people find their motivation stymied, the wisdom found in the quotes from the various boxers and the personal stories that Glassman shares are evergreen.

 “Rules are rules. Things can change and bend, and people can do different things, but nothing is really new,” says Glassman, “Becoming a champion is always about the same stuff: hard work, grit, responsibility.” 

Becoming a Champion in Your Own Life 

Glassman explains that this book is for everyone who could use motivation and encouragement that the audience for these lessons could run the gamut. College students staring down the barrel of graduation with no concrete plans for the future, high school students, and people entering middle age are just some of the communities that could benefit from the practical and inspiring advice. 

When asked what her favorite quote from the book may be, Glassman explains that they were all selected to work together, creating a cohesive piece of work. 

“They’re all great,” says Glassman, “One of my favorites is, “The moments between the notes create the music. Never have the same timing, rhythm, or tempo.” We should all be asking ourselves, “When are we in the moment?” Timing is one of the most important life lessons, but I don’t think any of these lessons can be pulled out when you’re making a champion.”

Like a recipe, all elements need to be in place to make something extraordinary — a life fit for a champion. 

Owning Your Own Power 

Glassman has high hopes for her book and sees it as a definite disruptor for the educational system. She firmly believes that champions start early. 

 “We need to disrupt education in such a way that people don’t follow the herd. We need to get kids to work early. They’re smart, passionate, and energetic,” says Glassman. 

 Glassman zeroes in on empowerment for the younger generation in Life According to the Rules of Boxing, focusing on bringing out inner qualities, promoting health and fitness, and making it clear that nothing comes easy. 

 “My goal is for parents to read this with their kids and have schools adopt these lessons,” says a hopeful Glassman, “Really, I just want to have it in anyone’s hands so people can realize that they’re it. They’re either the heroes of their stories or they’re not. I want people to wake up.”

Learning to Fight 

 We all fight. We fight for love, we fight for what we believe is right, and, as Glassman notes, we fight against our greatest opponent — ourselves. Life According to the Rules of Boxing offers a curriculum for life, a primer for what to do when your back is up against the ropes and you feel like throwing in the proverbial towel. 

 Jolie Glassman’s motto in life is, “You don’t have to BE a boxer to train like one and to live like one.” With her debut book, Glassman hopes to guide people in how to approach life like a champion fighter, ready for whatever punches are thrown. 

Life According to the Rules of Boxing can be purchased on Amazon