Home Business Jimmy Buffet Builds Margaritaville Retirement Community! (Video)

Jimmy Buffet Builds Margaritaville Retirement Community! (Video)

An artist’s rendering of Latitude Margaritaville Town Center Pool (via Minto Communities)

If you still can’t find that lost shaker of salt, you may try looking in Latitude Margaritaville, the retirement community that Jimmy Buffet’s construction company is building.

That’s right.

Palm Beach‘s Buffet has started building an “active adult community” for those “looking to live the Margaritaville lifestyle as they grow older, but not up,” according to a press release.

The nearly $1 billion project Latitude Margaritaville is launching in Daytona Beach with some 6,900 homes and an expected 200,000 square-feet of retail space.

Prices start in the low $200s. Homes will go on sale in the fall, model home will open early next year.

More locations are expected soon.

Parrot head Jimmy Buffett: Live in my retirement community! (Splash News photo)

Buffet has partnered with Minto Communities and isn’t just building homes, he’s building “an immersive brand experience.”

Current plans call for walkable neighborhoods, a Town Center with indoor and outdoor Margaritaville restaurants, live music and probably A LOT of Jimmy Buffet music.

In case you’re wondering, who in the world would buy a house in Margaritaville, remember Buffet transformed his 40-year-old song into a successful lifestyle escapism brand.

Besides Margaritaville tequilas, rums and flip flops, there are nine Margaritaville destination resorts and hotels, with eight more in the works.

Some people claim that there’s a woman to blame, but we know, it’s the song’s damned fault.

By Jose Lambiet, GossipExtra.com, posted on  SouthFloridaReporter.com, Mar. 7, 2017

Video by Billboard via Inform.com