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Is Working Remotely Bad for Your Health?


How can working from the comfort of your own bed, couch or park be bad for anyone’s health? But on the other hand, you would miss the office gossip or that funny guy in the IT department.

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Whether working remotely is good or bad for your health will depend on what you do while you work remotely. A look at the pros and cons of working remotely will help you understand the good or the bad elements of this approach to work.


  • Reduces Pressure While You Work

Working under the nose of a boss who breathes down your neck is not the best environment. If you prefer freedom instead of supervision to deliver results, working remotely will be your ideal pick. Pressure results in stress and other mental issues. If they can be avoided by working remotely, then, this is a system of work that should be adopted everywhere.

  • Allows You To Rest More

A person working remotely does not have to travel for miles, deal with traffic, and engage strangers at work. If you are expected to start working at 8:00 am, you can wake up at 7.55 am and enjoy your coffee while you work. This means additional sleeping or resting hours. If you are sick or have a condition that requires rest, this method of work will keep you productive without compromising your health.

  • You Can Work From Anywhere

What if your office could be at a relaxing park or next to a busy waterway where beautiful boats and cruise ships dock? Such a relaxing environment is good for your physical, emotional and mental health. Remote working allows you to move your office to whichever location you desire. The relaxation makes work enjoyable.


  • You, Will, Lose Your Social Life

Office projects and daily interactions will improve your social skills. It is a chance to meet new people as clients or colleagues. The interactions help to improve your social life, turning you into a more rounded professional. You will need to structure remote working well to avoid losing social life.

  • It May Cause Neglect

The fact that you are needed at work makes you conscious of your appearance, health, dressing, and overall demeanor. When no one is after your image and you spend the entire day with a laptop, you will have little regard for your well-being. You might remember to shower in the evening or fail to invest in decent clothes. It affects your self-image and may hit your esteem.

  • Communication Issues Arise

People grow because of interacting with others and building relationships. In the absence of physical interactions, your communication skills will be affected. You might turn out to be a secluded person or fail to socialize in a healthy manner. The long term effect is reduced profitability and broken relationships.

The actions you take when working remotely will determine the benefits you accrue.


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