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Is Laser Treatment The Best Option For Cellulite Removal?

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This has become one of the many popular questions to ask about cellulite. How does a person remove cellulite, what is it, and is laser treatment the best way to remove it?

Cellulite occurs mainly in women and forms below the skin where it pushes against other tissue, causing the skin to pucker. As a result, people get that lumpy look to their skin on certain areas of the body.

It’s not harmful in any way, but some do consider it to be unsightly and are looking to get rid of it for that upcoming summer vacation, trip to the beach, or for one of many other reasons.

The question is: how do you treat cellulite? There is no real way to “cover” it up, but you can remove it through a number of different procedures.

Here is the list of ways to get rid of cellulite:

Cryolipolysis – Don’t worry about pronouncing this one. Just know what it does: this procedure freezes the cellulite to the point that it’s no longer cellulite; it’s just dead tissue. Afterward, the body breaks the dead tissue down over time. The drawback to the technique is that it takes quite a while to see results and requires repeat treatments to reach full effectiveness.

Injections – These have come popular as a way of using chemicals to break down the cellulite under the skin. The problem with this approach is that there have been no proven results for this procedure, but it does produce a number of negative side effects.

Liposuction –So, why not just suck out the offending fat? This is a viable option, but it can actually result in worse results than before. The fat left behind can actually make the dimpled fat look worse.

Massage – This approach involves no invasive techniques at all. As a result, it’s completely safe. But, can a massage really help? The idea behind this approach is that massaging target areas will increase blood flow to the skin and reduce fluid retention. Specifically, mechanical messages are used to “break up” the cellulite. The problem with this approach is that your skin will look better, but only for a short period of time before returning to its previous appearance.

Shockwave Therapy – There is a procedure that uses acoustics to break up the cellulite. This is a fascinating idea involving sound waves, but it requires several visits and there’s no conclusive proof that it actually works.

Subcision – This is a more invasive procedure that involves a specialist who gives the client a local and then uses a tiny blade to cut the tissue that’s holding the cellulite in place. The problem with this approach is that it takes an hour to treat about twenty dimples, but the effect lasts up to two years. At that point, another treatment is required.

Topical Creams –These involve all of those off-the-shelf treatments at local drug stores. There are many of them out there and they all claim to either break down the cellulite or help to puff up the skin to reduce the dimpled look of cellulite. The major issue with these treatments is that any results received are temporary and most don’t appear to do anything at all!

Weight Loss – The leading cause of the appearance of unsightly cellulite is weight gain. The best way to reduce the cellulite and even eliminate most of it is to lose weight. This is one of the healthier alternatives to all of the major therapies out there, but any loose skin on the body will likely retain cellulite effects.

Laser Treatment – The incredible laser has found yet another use! This new approach to eliminating cellulite has garnered promising results and without repeated treatments to get them. The purpose of the laser is to burn away the fat, tighten the skin, reduce connective tissue causing the cellulite, and to reduce the puckering effect that also contributes to the appearance of cellulite. One could say that this is the all-in-one treatment for it.

The pros of this procedure are that it does result in positive results that have an average of about a seventy-five percent improvement in the appearance of the skin. The con is that, like the other treatments, the effects aren’t permanent, but they do last up to a year before another visit is required.

So, is laser treatment for cellulite the best option out there? The indications are that it is more effective than other treatments, requires fewer visits, and has some of the longest-lasting effects in comparison to other therapies. The short answer would be yes, it’s probably the most effective treatment and among the least invasive.

As always, consult with your doctor before going for treatment to make sure that laser treatment is the best option for you.