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IO Scout vs AMZ Scout

IO Scout and AMZ Scout are both tools used by Amazon sellers to improve their ranking, sales, and profit. There are certain similarities and differences between both products, and this article will give a comprehensive comparison between the two products. This comparison should inform your decision when picking the best tool to use as an Amazon seller.

What is IO Scout?

IO Scout is a product research tool for the Amazon marketplace. This tool helps to increase their search data accuracy and helps to maximize the seller’s potential and profit. It has a database of over two hundred million products to search from and make sure the most accurate data and information to analyze market trends and gaps is provided. Visit the official website to get more information about their tools, pricing and redeem IO Scout discount to save 62% right now.

IO Scout offers an efficient and straightforward way of discovering products with the highest demand and lowest competition in the Amazon Marketplace.

What is AMZ Scout?

AMZScout is a tool that is similar in function to IO Scout. It helps sellers find the best items for selling and helps them enhance their listing by using keywords. Though similar to IO Scout, some of its features are considered less superior to that of IO Scout.

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Similarities between IO Scout and AMZ Scout

Some of the notable similarities between these two product research tools include:

1. Product Tracker

It allows you to track that allows you to save and bookmark product ideas that are quite easy to find and user-friendly. Information about products such as ranking, sales, ratings, and inventory is updated hourly, ensuring that you have the most relevant and useful information. The product trackers of both IO Scout and AMZ allows one to monitor the performance of a product in real-time. 

2. Product Database

IO Scout has a Product finder that is a product research software that allows you to track, monitor, and analyze over two hundred million products that are updated daily. This ensures that you have access to the most accurate information about the best products to go for and start selling.

3. FBA Calculator

 Both IO Scout and AMZ Scout has a feature that is a free FBA profit calculator. It helps FBA sellers calculate their Amazon FBA fees without any hassle. The FBA calculator helps get detailed information on expenses that could be incurred in the future related to selling on Amazon.

4. Google Chrome Extension

IO Scout and AMZ Scout for Amazon offers a google chrome extension, which allows one to optimize product searches by providing product data such as product sales, revenue, trends, and demand required for statistics and analysis without leaving the Amazon website.

5. Amazon Sales Estimator

IO Scout provides a free Amazon sales estimator tool that helps to estimate the number of sales made monthly by a seller based on the ranking of the product sales in a specific category. This will help you understand the best seller rank needed to achieve the targeted goal for your business.

IO Scout helps to predict the volume of sales one can make. It also offers free estimator service while using IO Scout to launch products with the application. Using this tool helps you to discover categories that will benefit your product by helping you to understand the number of units that sell daily or monthly in each category. IO Scout can also be used to determine the best price for your product by using it to check the price set by other sellers.

AMZScout has a similar feature that functions like the IO Scout sales estimator.

Differences between IO Scout and AMZScout

Even with some of the similarities that AMZScout shares with IO Scout, there is also a vast difference between the two products.

1. User experience

The web page of IO Scout is more user-friendly than that of AMZScout, IO Scout interface is very easy to use, and this makes the user’s experience seamless. The users can gather all the information needed to navigate the Amazon website within a short period.

2. Price 

IO Scout, with its much superior features, when compared to AMZScout, offers the product for a lesser price. The total annual subscription price for IO Scout is 510 USD, while for AMZScout costs 549.99 USD.

3. CSV File Export

Both IO Scout and AMZScout allows one to export CVS file for offline use, but the number of products that can be exported using AMZScout is limited when compared to the twenty thousand different product data that can be exported using IO Scout at a time. This makes IO Scout a better choice.

4. Product Tracker Limit

 The number of products that can be tracked using the IO Scout software is eighty-five (85) at the same time, while for AMZScout, you can track just eighty (80) products.

5. Facilitation of teamwork

IO Scout tool allows users to connect a minimum of ten researchers or other teammates to their single IO Scout account. This facilitates easy and faster teamwork without other team members having to create several accounts.

Even with the similarities that the two tools may share, it is obvious that IO Scout possesses more appealing features that facilitate effective and efficient output, which translates to a higher ranking for your product.

To run a successful business in the Amazon marketplace, IO Scout should be the number tool to go for because unlike other Amazon product research tools like AMZScout, IO Scout tool was designed to give an efficient, effective and straightforward solution to product research and tracking.