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Internet Question: If A Dog Wore Pants…?

Internet Question

By Andrea RomanoMashable, SouthFloridaReporter.com, Dec. 30, 2015 –The Internet is a place where crucial debates and thoughtful discussions happen. But every so often, someone poses a question that tears the Internet asunder.

This time it’s about how a dog wears pants. You know, hypothetically. Let’s think logically, here.

The image was shared on Monday night, causing a proverbial firestorm most of us have been trying to forget since the dreaded Dress Debate of February 2015.

The question is simple: if a dog wore pants, would it wear them on its hind legs or on all four legs?

On the one hand, it seems totally logical that dogs would wear them on only their hind legs. Pants have two legs. Two. And these two legs are designed to cover your hind quarters, which dogs and most animals unequivocally have. Done deal.

However, dogs, unlike humans (the designated pants-wearers of the animal kingdom), technically have four legs. Their frontal paws are not like our human arms. They are for walking and do not possess opposable digits — therefore, they are clearly legs and in need of some sort of pants coverage. Now it’s getting complicated.

Clearly, this debate can go on and on and the Internet has been determined to figure out the answer. Tread lightly before you start your Facebook fight.


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