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Interesting Facts about Marijuana and CBD


Marijuana and CBD have become increasingly popular in recent times and at the same time, quite controversial. There have been numerous claims about their amazing healing properties while rumors equally persist about some health concerns that could be attributed to it. There is no need reemphasizing that lots of consumers are already enjoying a wide variety of CBD products with accompanying health benefits. Likewise, CBD oil is equally being used for medical purposes such as in the treatment/alleviation of diabetes, stress, pain, and anxiety/depression among others. All the same, this article will help to set the record straight on the facts you need to know about marijuana and CBD.

Health and Wellness Benefits for CBD

There has been increased research and studies about CBD in contemporary times and this has helped in creating more awareness about its many qualities. This has in turn given rise to a proliferation of CBD shops selling diverse CBD derived products to meet consumer demands. The cannabidiol market across the globe is projected to reach a whopping $2.28 billion by 2025 yet it’s far from reaching its optimal point. This massive surge in growth is due to the recent discovery of CBD’s health and wellness benefits, and some of them are highlighted below.

Anxiety relief

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A number of researches have been able to prove CBD’s efficacy in relieving people of anxiety. It was stated that CBD can influence the way brain cells react to serotonin (known to be responsible for mental health). A particular study revealed that 600mg of CBD was enough to boost the morale of individuals battling with anxiety and enable them to stand before a crowd and give a speech. Furthermore, it was noted that this spectacular result was achieved because CBD has a calming effect that helps people to relax and normalize their heart rate.

CBD Could Help Against Seizure

CBD is now considered as a possible remedy against epilepsy, although research is still ongoing but the prospects are quite encouraging. The American Epilepsy Society is currently conducting more research to be sure about its safety and reliability.

CBD Can Prevent Neuro-degeneration

Illnesses like Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and stroke arise due to neurodegenerative disorders. Such diseases affect the brain and nerves’ causing them to degenerate gradually but CBD is now being considered as effective in helping to prevent such deterioration, as well as mitigate inflammation that can worsen symptoms in patients. However, more research is still ongoing in this regard.

Health and Wellness Benefits for Marijuana

Over the years, marijuana has suffered stigmatization and was generally regarded as an illegal substance. However, developments in recent times have necessitated the need to reevaluate such status quo. Already, not a few states in America have made either medical or recreational use of marijuana legal. And more states are expected to follow suit once researchers are able to establish more specific benefits that could accrue from marijuana. Unlike CBD that contains only minute traces of THC, marijuana significant amounts of THC, a compound that is known to have adverse effects on the brain.

Nevertheless, marijuana still has several benefits as listed below.

Helps against inflammation

Marijuana contains CBD which helps in reducing inflammation. In essence, marijuana is believed to be potent in mitigating conditions such as Crohn’s disease and rheumatoid arthritis, as well as irritable bowel syndrome. In addition, also note that reducing inflammation will automatically enhance overall health of an individual.

Improves sleep patterns

Marijuana is known to have calming effects of the body system. This attribute helps people to overcome insomnia or any other form of sleep disorder. Also marijuana is effective as a pain reliever which would enable people to enjoy better sleep patterns since pain that could hinder it has become reduced.

Reduces neurological disorders

Just like CBD, marijuana is now being considered as effective in reducing symptoms of certain neurological disorders such as in epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) among others. Already, some doctors now suggest marijuana as a form of treatment against these health challenges.

Marijuana on CBD

CBD is also known as cannabidiol is distinctive due to its non-psychoactive nature with just 0.3% THC content. Additionally, it can provide remedies to a wide range of health problems as already mentioned in the article. Marijuana on the other hand is rich in THC which is psychoactive but there are certain health benefits that can be derived from it as well. To have a common ground, individuals can consider smoking CBD flower that doesn’t make one “high”.