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Impeachment Trial – Morning Headlines & Latest Polls

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The trial to impeach President Trump moves into the next phase. Opening statements have ended. Next up is 16 hours of questions on whether or not the Senate will hear testimony from witnesses. Here are some of the morning headlines.  We’ll start with the latest polls from Real Clear Politics.

RCP Average 1/2 – 1/27 47.5 47.9 No +0.4
Quinnipiac 1/22 – 1/27 1095 RV 47 48 No +1
Emerson 1/21 – 1/23 1128 RV 51 49 Yes/Remove +2
ABC News/Wash Post 1/20 – 1/23 880 RV 45 51 No +6
FOX News 1/19 – 1/22 1005 RV 50 44 Yes/Remove +6
Economist/YouGov 1/19 – 1/21 1176 RV 45 47 No +2
Monmouth 1/16 – 1/20 847 RV 49 48 Yes/Remove +1
Politico/Morning Consult 1/17 – 1/19 1997 RV 47 45 Yes/Remove +2
CNN 1/16 – 1/19 1051 RV 49 47 Yes/Remove +2
Gallup 1/2 – 1/15 1014 A 46 51 No +5
NPR/PBS/Marist 1/7 – 1/12 1064 RV 47 47 Tie
IBD/TIPP 1/3 – 1/11 901 A 47 50 No +3

Reuters:  As vote on witnesses looms, Trump legal team tells impeachment trial: ‘Time for this to end’

Amid uncertainty over the question of whether to call witnesses in President Donald Trump’s Senate impeachment trial, his legal team wrapped up its opening arguments on Tuesday with an appeal for a quick acquittal.

FoxNews:  GOP develops aggressive ‘Plan B’ in impeachment trial, as several Dems appear to support acquittal: source

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With several Democrats openly floating the possibility they might vote to acquit President Trump, congressional Republicans are planning an aggressive “Plan B” strategy in the event some Republicans break off and demand additional witnesses in the president’s impeachment trial, Fox News has learned.

Politico 12 questions to expect at Trump’s impeachment trial.  All 100 senators will get 16 hours to pose their most pressing questions starting on Wednesday.

It’s Q&A time.

After a week-long stretch of opening presentations in President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, all 100 senators will have a chance to pose their most pressing questions starting on Wednesday.

NPRImpeachment Trial Moves To Question Phase, While Witness Vote Looms

With Trump’s legal team resting its defense of the president, the impeachment trial now moves to its next phase: asking written questions.

Over 16 hours, senators of both parties will submit questions to House managers prosecuting the case and Trump’s defense lawyers, with Chief Justice John Roberts, who is presiding over the trial, reading the questions aloud on the floor of the chamber.

Axios:  Senators brace for next phase of impeachment

President Trump’s impeachment trial enters a contentious new phase on Wednesday as senators plan to grill House managers and White House lawyers on a series of questions.

Why it matters: The 16-hour Q&A session, which is expected to be split over two days, is a crucial period that will solidify whether senators feel satisfied with the evidence they have, or if they will vote to bring in additional witnesses and documents.