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Impeachment Trial Day 3 – Morning Headlines

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Democrats accused President Donald Trump at his impeachment trial on Wednesday of a corrupt scheme to pressure Ukraine to help him get re-elected and warned that America’s global prestige would suffer if the U.S. Senate acquits him. Reuters

NPRHow The Senate Impeachment Trial Works [This is a timeline]

President Trump’s fate is now in the hands of the Senate. The House of Representatives has impeached the president, and it is up to senators to determine whether he will be removed from office.

Here are some other morning headlines:

The Hill:  What to watch for on Day 3 of Senate impeachment trial

House Democrats are poised Thursday to dig deeper into their impeachment case that President Trump is unfit for office, focusing the second day of the Senate trial on the charge that Trump abused his power in office.

USA Today:  Everyday Americans are distressed by the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump. If they care at all.

While politicians and pundits natter about President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, everyday Americans mostly seem to have a sideways view of the historic mess, using a lot of words that begin with “dis.”

    • Disappointment.
    • Disinterest.
    • Disgust.
    • Dismay.

Fox News:  Schiff warns of Russian attack on US mainland, as Day 2 of Trump’s Senate impeachment trial concludes

House Democrats launched into lengthy arguments that broke little ground, if any, in President Trump’s impeachment trial Wednesday — as the head impeachment manager, California Rep. Adam Schiff, suggested that Russians could attack the U.S. and insisted that removing Trump from office was necessary because the integrity of the 2020 election could not be “assured.”

Roll Call:  Schiff, Nadler impeachment tension spills out during trial

The first question at Wednesday’s news conference with House impeachment managers was directed at Rep. Jerrold Nadler, the New York Democrat whose Senate presentation helped prompt a rebuke from Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. and a flood of criticism from Republican senators.

NBC NewsMitch McConnell’s impeachment tactics could win the trial but lose him the Senate

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., may have successfully corralled his Republican colleagues Tuesday to defeat 11 efforts by Senate Democrats to subpoena key Trump administration witnesses and documents (and modify other rules) in the Senate impeachment trial. But these tactics have likely put Republican senators facing competitive races in an impossible bind; two January polls show that, in both battleground states and swing counties, more voters support Trump’s removal than approve of him. That dynamic could cost the Republicans control of the Senate after the 2020 elections — and, in that event, McConnell’s powerful post as majority leader will also be forfeited.

Politico:  What you need to know about Wednesday’s impeachment trial. Here are some of the key moments from Trump’s trial, and what comes next.

Democratic impeachment managers spent nine hours (including breaks) offering their opening arguments — laying out what they said was clear-cut evidence that President Donald Trump pressured Ukraine to investigate his political rivals and then obstructed Congress’ investigation.