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Ideas and Methods of Team Building

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A solid team is the backbone of every effective company and one of the essential tasks for a manager. Team building implies a unified approach to the work process, for employees to form the right motivation, a system of incentives, and the use of unique methods of personnel management. 

Why do you need cohesion in the team?

Team cohesion affects the effectiveness and efficiency of the company. A team in which mutual respect, trust, and willingness to cooperate prevail is necessary for:

  • Creation of honest relationships: employees suppress conflict situations, openly discuss problems and find ways to solve them
  • An understandable control system, with one leader at the helm
  • The motivation that makes employees productive
  • Commitment to corporate culture and compliance with internal ethical standards.

Characteristics of a cohesive team

A cohesive team is characterized by:

  • Common goals for all employees. Everyone contributes to the work and understands what they are trying to accomplish.
  • Mission and values that are clear to the team. They must be shared by all employees, as adherence to the corporate mission sets the tone for internal communication and customer interaction.
  • A favorable psychological climate. Regardless of temperament or temperament differences, a company’s employees perform the task and act within their capabilities.
  • Control over the employees. The team leader monitors the execution of plans, is interested in the successes of subordinates, and helps with the solution of difficulties.

Conditions for forming a cohesive team

To understand how to rally a team, it is essential to note the conditions under which it is possible to form healthy, respectful relationships within the team:

  • common views, values, and attitudes
  • approximate age homogeneity
  • a benevolent psychological atmosphere
  • active daily activity

How to form a cohesive team?

To build a cohesive team, try different methods. A team passes through a total of five stages of formation, after which mutual understanding and integrity develop in its work.

How to team up?

Improve the atmosphere in the team can be improved with the help of events that create and support a favorable and friendly environment. At these meetings, employees feel more relaxed, establish close interpersonal relationships, and increase trust. 


Every team needs a tradition of teamwork, such as having coffee in the morning, watching funny videos, going to the pool, bowling, and having fitness weekends together. At the same time, it is worth tying traditions to corporate cultures, such as celebrating the company’s birthday every year. This will create an atmosphere of coziness and relaxation in the team.


Team building requires an environment of trust, where each team member can openly express their thoughts. Meetings are held not to fulfill the plan of the scheduled conferences but to discuss pressing issues related to the department’s work. All employees should have an opportunity to speak out, assess the interim results, and propose changes according to the situation in the company.

Brainstorming sessions

This is a team effort to solve a given problem. The team prepares ideas, the most successful of which are later used in the marketing strategy. Brainstorming unlocks the intellectual and creative potential of the employees, so this method brings pluses to both the company and its employees.

Team building

These events can help to manage conflicts (to read more – follow the https://cmaconsulting.com.au/ link), unite the team, form a team spirit, and improve work efficiency. Team building can be:

  • Creative (master classes, drawing, music, poetry)
  • Sports (parachuting, obstacle course)
  • Intellectual (quests, participation in quizzes)


Another way to unite the team and organize an informal atmosphere – is a shared vacation. It is desirable to arrange an active pastime so team members are not bored. It can be hiking, trips to nature, excursions – anything that will dilute the routine and add cohesion to the team. A change of scenery is good for the team’s mood and helps relieve stress.

The team’s cohesion helps to achieve high results and work for one common goal. In a cohesive team, everyone feels valued and important, while in a disjointed team, everyone solves their problems. This affects the organization’s profits; therefore, this situation requires the leader’s intervention and reorganization of the team.